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Family Travel that Actually Feels Like a Vacation

There’s nothing like getting to see the world through your kids’ eyes and making memories as a family… but organizing fun family vacations can get pretty overwhelming.

At The Toddle, we provide family travel planning ideas, thoughtful reviews of the best vacation rentals and Airbnbs to stay at with kids, and activity guides in cities large and small to make traveling as a family feel more like a vacation.

Here, you’ll also find general parenting advice – because honestly, knowing the best baby carrier to get or how to get your three-year-old to sleep through the night is just as important on the road as it is at home. (On second thought, maybe even more so!)

We’ll be here for you every step of the way to help make your next vacation one for the scrapbooks, with kid-friendly travel planning.

Take Your Kids Everywhere

We’re firm believers that any destination can be a kid-friendly destination… as long as you do it right.

Feel empowered to explore the world as an entire family with in-depth to-do guides in Florida, Los Angeles, Denver, and beyond. Get ready to plan a vacation your whole family will enjoy. Yes, even you and your partner – your kids aren’t the only ones who deserve to have a great time!

Traveling with Kids Is Easy…Said No One Ever

We’re not going to sugar-coat it… sometimes, going on a family trip feels more like work than, well, work.

From keeping your kids happy on a long-distance flight to planning group activities everyone will enjoy to the pressure of making sure everyone has a good time (on top of the usual parenting pressure you may feel), traveling with kids isn’t for the faint of heart.

We’re here to provide helpful hacks, expert-vetted accommodations, and packing tips to make planning, packing, and traveling that much easier… so the most memorable part of your vacation won’t be the sketchy motel you stayed at or the boring museum visit all of your kids screamed through.

Hands-On Advice from Parents Who’ve Been There

When we were first married, people would always tell us, “Enjoy it while it lasts… once you have kids, the fun’s over.” Has anyone else heard people say this?!

And hey, they were a little bit right. Sleeping through the night has always been really fun for me, and having kids spoiled that.

Plus, it’s hard to jet off to a new destination at a moment’s notice when you’ve got a handful of kids in tow without loads of careful planning not to mention diaper bags, travel strollers, and loads of snacks.

But even once we became parents, continuing to explore the world was important to us. We wanted to embrace our own wanderlust while instilling a sense of adventure into our children, and we knew nothing could bring us closer as a family than experiencing new places together.

And honestly? It’s even BETTER seeing a destination you love or have always dreamed of experiencing through your child’s eyes.

We started The Toddle to provide adventurous parents like us with the tools they need to travel with their children and make unforgettable memories as a family.

The Best Family Vacations Start Here.

Here at The Toddle you’ll find:

    • Kid-friendly travel planning ideas & activity guides by city
    • Curated Airbnb listings and reviews specifically vetted for how safe and family-friendly they are, including 13 Amazing Kid-Friendly Airbnbs in Palm Springs and 10 Unique Kid-Friendly Airbnbs in Florida
    • Helpful answers from world-renowned experts and parents on many popular parenting topics, such as sleep hygiene, nutrition, education, and more
    • Buyers guides and product resources to help you find the best products for traveling with your little ones

We’re here to prove that life as you know it doesn’t end after you have kids – it only gets better. Harder. But better.

Is It Even Safe to Travel Again?

Well, maybe not the way you were used to. Can’t say we’d recommend jetting off to Rome maskless, vaccine-less, and precaution-less as you might have back in 2019. (Sigh…)

But everyone needs a vacation sometimes, and we believe that it’s possible to take one safely and responsibly. With the proper planning, you can experience a change of routine and a different environment without putting your family or others at unnecessary risk.

Here are a few ways you can do that:

Travel Domestic

Even during COVID-19, many states in the U.S. don’t have any restrictions on domestic travel. And while it’s fun to jet off to an exotic locale, chances are you’ve got plenty of undiscovered territories left within your borders.

Look for domestic flight deals from your home airport or check out our list of kid-friendly U.S. destinations we love for ideas. Once you’ve chosen a destination, plan on doing outdoor activities, cooking more at-home meals, and staying at a vacation rental with just your family to minimize exposure. Here are some of our favorite kid-friendly U.S. travel destinations

Take a Road Trip

But with the right planning and a sunny attitude, taking a family road trip can be a super memorable experience (and not in a bad way!)

Find a nearby destination, whether it’s a national park, the closest city over, or a picturesque campsite. Then, plan a weekend getaway. Explore the great outdoors. Take a walk through an unfamiliar city. Go camping for a night or two, or stay at a unique family vacation rental. Check out these top family road trip ideas

Choose a Safe Stay

Where you travel is important, but HOW you travel is just as crucial when it comes to keeping your family and the community you visit safe. Crowded resorts, busy hotels, or shared accommodations are a no these days. Look for vacation rentals and Airbnbs that allow your family to self-isolate together. (Bonus – kid-friendly Airbnbs often have extra amenities, like high chairs, Pack ‘n Plays, toys, books, game rooms, bunk beds, cribs, pools, etc. And anything that allows you to pack lighter is always a positive in our book!)

So, what are you waiting for? Start browsing our articles to find information on everything travel and parenting today. Have a specific destination you’re looking for, or a question you need answered? Get in touch with us at hello@thetoddle.com so we can help you answer it.


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