About Us

The Toddle is dedicated to helping parents make empowered decisions when it comes to raising their children. As parents, we find that too often we’re given one-sided advice and information that doesn’t take into consideration the big picture and conflicting points of view.

The Toddle is our solution to that problem.

Instead of citing one expert and telling you this is how it is, we curate information, statistics and advice from hundreds of experts, authors, parents and professionals from all walks of life. We give you the tools to make an informed decision that’s best for you, your kids and your family.

We want to start a dialogue, not tell parents how to raise their kids. And that dialogue begins with helpful information presented in a way that’s easy for today’s parents to find and understand.

Our mission is to:

  • help parents make empowered decisions in all areas of parenting
  • change the way parenting information and advice is curated and presented

We help parents make better decisions by including opinions, statistics and advice from a number of experts and professionals. But we also take into consideration the experience of other parents who have been through it all and know the realities of the parenting challenges you’re facing.

We also believe that there’s a wealth of parenting knowledge available in the world, but that it’s often presented in formats that are difficult to find and digest.

Although parenting books are helpful, we rarely rush to the library to crack open a book when we have a problem with our own kids. We search online for a specific issue, try to find an authoritative, accurate and up-to-date solution and make a decision based on our findings – along with good old fashioned parental instinct.

We also find that a lot of our questions are answered by parenting forums and blogs that focus on the experience of individual parents rather than trends in general. A single forum thread can contain hundreds of differing viewpoints, and it can be near impossible to find something that works for you.

Our second goal is to take all that information, curate it and present it in a more helpful way. Today’s parents have less time than ever, so we’re focused on becoming a go-to resource for easy, accurate answers – whether it’s for raising babies, disciplining toddlers, traveling with kids and everything in between.

You’ll find real, clear answers to questions, and the tools you need to raise healthy kids. Parenting still won’t be easy, but getting the answers you need can be.