5 Practical Baby Shower Gifts for Mom (not Baby!)

Baby showers are a great way to help new parents get all the gear and supplies they need, but it’s also a perfect time to give mom something for herself before it’s all baby, all the time.


When I think of my two baby showers I think of all the adorable outfits, mountains of baby supplies, and endless diapers I received. I remember the oohs and ahhs when my family and friends watched me open things that have become staples of early parenthood.

But, I never got anything for just me. Sure, it wasn’t my birthday, but becoming a mom is a great opportunity for useful and meaningful gift ideas that are not related to the new baby.

Here’s a look at some practical baby shower gifts for expectant moms that take the focus off baby (you’ll have your time, baby) and back on the lady who made it all happen.

1. Cleaning Services

“It would be lovely if all of your chores disappeared when you had a positive pregnancy test, but alas, this is not some fairy tale land,” says physician Robin Elise Weiss. “The truth of the matter is that pregnancy does not render one incapable of doing household chores or keeping the house clean in general.”

To help mom out with household chores, consider the gift of cleaning services.

Prepping for baby’s arrival has its own laundry list of to-dos, and when the little one arrives, it’s a whole new ballgame. A cleaning service can help mom out before and after baby’s arrival, depending on how comfortable she is with a service coming in and out of the house.

Merry Maids offers national cleaning services and is a good pick for new and expectant moms everywhere. Who doesn’t have trouble keeping up with housework with the arrival of a new baby?

Their motto is: “Relax. It’s Done.” That’s what new mothers like to hear.

2. Prenatal Massage

Reducing stress is beneficial for pregnancy, and there is no better way to do that than to let go for an hour and work all the tension pregnancy causes on your body.

“You’ll find that regular prenatal massages during this [third] trimester can enhance your sleep, reduce pain and swelling, and generally assist in lowering stress as the delivery day draws near,” says Rachel Mackles at Massage Book. “Third trimester massages can even help prepare your pelvic muscles for the birthing process.”

The American Massage Therapy Association has a database of certified massaged therapy in any area. You can browse by location and even have the option of a home visit so you don’t ever have to leave your house.

3. Meal Services

“Simplifying a few of life’s most time-consuming chores—grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning the kitchen—allows expecting and new mothers the time to focus on the fun and new discoveries of motherhood,” says Healthy Chef Creations.

We couldn’t agree more.

Like cleaning services, a meal delivery gift lets expectant (and new) moms concentrate on reducing stress and freeing up time for other things. Not having to shop for groceries as much saves precious time and money.

Today, there are more meal services available than ever, including specialized offerings like farm-to-table plates for pregnancy from Paleta.

Freshly is a nationwide meal delivery company and is something any woman, especially a new mom can use. They promote healthy meals in two minutes which is just what busy new moms are looking for between changing diapers, breastfeeding, keeping up with laundry, and all the other overwhelming tasks that follow a new baby.

A meal service takes the worry of what’s for dinner off her plate for a few weeks and is sure to be much appreciated.

4. Pregnancy Pillow

Leacho Snoogle Body Pillow is one of the best on the market today. It’s great for supporting hips, neck, back, and tummy when its often hard to find a comfortable position the further along a pregnancy is.

“As your body grows and changes, so too does the Snoogle, which makes it a little easier to get some sleep and still wake up refreshed and well rested,” says Kayla at Sleepopolis. “The pros outweigh the cons on this one making the Snoogle one of the best purchases made during my pregnancy.”

When you’re pregnant, a pillow between the knees just won’t do, and a good pregnancy pillow that contours the body goes a long way.

5. A book to remind her to take care of herself.

There’s no shortage of baby books on the market, but a book on making sure mom is focusing on her health is a gift that will keep on giving.

The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother, is a gift from the heart, from mother to mother, reminding her how important it is to care for herself in those early days. We all know it’s hard to remember our own needs when we are busy centering our worlds around our new baby. Postpartum health is often forgotten but has always been important.

“A great read, especially during the second half of pregnancy, for both mothers and their partners (or other postpartum support people), The First Forty Days includes pantry and shopping lists to prepare before hand, as well as step-by-step instructions for making everything from bone broth to body salves,” says Sara Langer at MOTHER.

A mother’s recovery is essential to a baby’s well-being and we often need help with all the responsibility that comes along with giving birth. It doesn’t just take a toll on our body but our mind as well, especially those first few months. A baby shower is a perfect time to shower the mom to be you love with gifts she is not expecting- gifts just for her.


Stephanie Portell

Stephanie is a single mom to two boys and a part-time writer. She is a lover of literature and bookstores. Trying to keep sane when her kids purposely try to make her insane. Check out more of her truths about parenting on her site.

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