Baby Shower Guest Sign In Ideas

There’s nothing more special than reminiscing, looking back at memories, especially when it comes to a pregnancy. What better way to remember your baby shower than with a unique take on a guestbook.

Usually, when you have a baby shower there will be a guestbook to sign your name and you can share that with your child when they get older. Instead of having a traditional guest book, you can get creative with the following neat ideas that your guests will sign instead.

1. Onesie Welcome

Baby Shower Guest Sign In Ideas Onsie

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Having your guests sign a onesie instead of a traditional guestbook is a genius idea. Your baby will be able to wear the onesie with signatures and small messages from loved ones. When your baby grows out of the onesie, you could put it in a frame and hang it on their wall.

2. Favorite Children’s (Guest)Book

Baby Shower Guest Sign In Ideas

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Put out your favorite children’s book. Leave a sign to have your guest’s sign the book. This will allow you to read your child the thoughtful messages from family and friends whenever you read the book.

3. Polaroid Guest Book

Baby Shower Guest Sign In Ideas Polaroid

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Although signatures and cute little messages are thoughtful and great to look back on, having a picture of each person that came will be a treasured gift for your baby. When they get older they can look back on this and see not only messages but photos of family and friends.

4. Tree With Fingerprints

Baby Shower Guest Sign In Ideas Tree

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Have your family and friends leave their mark for your little one. Leave a spot for them to stamp their finger on the table and then add their fingerprint. Once the baby shower was over and all the fingerprints are collected, you can hang the pictue in a frame in the nursery. It will make for some beautiful, personalize decor.

5. Framed Photo to Match Nursery Theme

Baby Shower Guest Sign In Ideas

Photo: Etsy – LittleSproutPaperie

This is another great way to add some gorgeous decor to the nursery. Find a framed photo of something that matches the theme you’re going for. Leave it out on the table where guests would typically sign a guestbook. Leave a note to have them sign the photo instead.

6. Oversized Letter of First Name

Baby Shower Guestbook Ideas

Photo: Pinterest

Find an oversized letter, which will be the first letter of your baby’s first name and have your guests sign in by writing their name on the letter. It may be best to opt for a light wood color, that way you can write on it with black marker.

No matter which idea you choose, your shower is sure to be one of the most special days of your pregnancy. Be sure to slow down and enjoy time with your friends and loved once celebrating you and your bundle of joy.

Heather Burdo

Heather is a freelance writer from New York. She has a passion for health and parenting. Heather has written for the Gluten-Free Living magazine,, Project Eve Moms, and others.

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