The 5 Baby Carriers You Should Try For a Bad Back

If you have a bad back, you might be worried that you won’t be able to comfortably carry your baby in a baby carrier.


Approximately 80 percent of Americans suffer from recurrent lower back pain. But, don’t despair because there are baby carriers specifically designed for back pain sufferers.

Baby carriers are an ideal way to free up both of your hands while holding your baby against your body. You can start to use a baby carrier from the moment you leave the hospital with your little bundle of joy if the carrier is designed for a newborn. Your baby feels safest and the most relaxed when held firmly against your body. We have found the best carries for those who struggle with back issues. Check out our top-rated picks below.

Best Baby Carriers for a Bad Back

How Does a Well-Designed Baby Carrier Feel?

Baby carriers cradle babies snugly against your body in a safe and comfortable fashion. When wearing a well-designed baby carrier you should feel the weight of your infant but it needs to be evenly distributed across your shoulders, back, and hips. The straps should never cut into your shoulders or pull your upper back and neck into a downward hunched position.

Tips on Baby Wearing for Back Pain Sufferers

Chronic back pain is life changing for most sufferers. The style and manner that you perform daily activities alter dramatically when you are plagued with a bad back.

Here are a few baby-wearing tips that might come in handy whenever you want to use a baby carrier.


Typically you put the baby carrier onto your body before you lift the baby into the carrier. As many bad back sufferers know, lifting is a dangerous business. The slightest twist can tweak your back and send spasms of pain throughout your body. Great care should be taken when you lift your baby up and into the carrier to avoid straining your body.


Avoid any twisting when placing your baby into the baby carrier. It might help if you have your partner or a friend place the infant into the carrier so you can avoid inadvertently twisting your body.

Where to Wear the Bab

A baby carrier for a person with a bad back should allow you to wear the baby close to your body and high up.

Go Slow

When you first start carrying your baby in a carrier, you should start out slow and not plan on wearing the carrier for more than an hour. Your body takes time to adjust to the feel of the carrier and you will need to see if you experience any pain.

Baby Carrier Designs to Avoid if you Have a Bad Back

There are a wide assortment of baby carriers available and many of them are ideal if you do not have a bad back. Here are a few types and designs of carriers that you should avoid if you have spinal pain issues.

Criss-Cross Shoulder Straps

Baby carriers with shoulder straps that criss-cross on your upper back often put uncomfortable pressure on your neck and shoulders. With such a strap configuration, the baby’s full weight is being carried by your shoulders instead of being evenly distributed and supported by your hips.

Thin Waist Straps

Thin waist straps dig into your sides and do very little to support the baby. Such carriers also put all the weight of the infant squarely on your shoulders, mid-back, and neck.

Sling Carrier

A sling infant carrier holds the baby in a sling or hammock across the front of your body. It is held in place by a strap across only one shoulder. This pulls your one shoulder into an uncomfortable downward position and places pressure on your neck and back.

So now that you know what to avoid, lets get to the baby carriers that we love and that will do your back right.

1.  Ergobaby Bundle Carrier

Best Baby Carriers for a Bad Back Ego Babt

Hands down, one of the best baby carriers for a bad back is the Ergobaby Bundle Carrier. It has nice, wide padded shoulder straps and sports a comfortably padded belt. The straps and belt both adjust for an ideal fit and create an M design to hold your baby. In the M position, your baby’s knees are even to or just above the hips and the infant’s back curves into a comfortable C shape. The Romper lists this baby carrier as one of their top choices for individuals suffering from frequent back pain.

Things to Keep in Mind

This baby carrier has been acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a carrier that is considered hip healthy. There is also a back panel on the carrier that folds inward to provide head support for young infants. The head support can also be unfolded to give your toddler optimum back support. The baby is cushioned in a comfortable cup design at all stages of growth. It will hold your baby from the time your infant is 7 pounds until your little one reaches 33 pounds.

The carrier is made of a durable cotton canvas that cleans up easily. It can also be thrown into the washing machine.

The carrier’s design allows the baby to be worn in a variety of positions. The baby can be placed so he faces in or out on the front of your body. The baby can also be worn on your hip or back.

There is an included babyhood to protect your little one from sun, wind, or rain.It also can serve as a discreet cover during breastfeeding.

Who’s it Best For?

This carrier fits a wide array of body types. The waistband adjusts to fit a waist size from 26 to 52 inches. It is designed to not only hold the carrier in place but also give your lower back the support it needs to reduce discomfort. The shoulder straps adjust from 28 to 48 inches.

The Ergobaby Bundle Carrier is priced well considering that you can use the carrier for several years.

2. Bobo Wrap

Best Baby Carriers for a Bad Back Boba

The Bobo Wrap has no buckles, snaps, or straps. It simply ties to your body and holds your baby softy against you. It can be used from the time your baby is a newborn until your toddler reaches 35 pounds. It is designed for parents of all body sizes. You simply tie the carrier onto your body in a classic style. It is ideal for breastfeeding.

Things to Keep in Mind

The carrier is made of 5.5 yards of soft grey lightweight French Terry cotton and spandex material. It has exceptional shape retention and never sags. It is designed to provide all-day support.

The no-strap design means that there is nothing cutting into your shoulders or waste. Your baby is cradled safely in front of you against your torso. The soft material is wide and drapes across your shoulders and around your lower back and waist to hold your infant in place without creating extensive, uncomfortable pressure points. We Have Kids lists the Bobo Wrap as one of their top baby carrier choices for anyone suffering from a bad back.

Who’s it Best for?

The Bobo Wrap baby carrier is economically priced and will easily last until your little one reaches 36 months. It is ideal for all body shapes and sizes. Dads can wear it just as easy as moms.

3. NimNik Baby Carrier Sling

Best Baby Carriers for a Bad Back NimKin

The NimNik Baby Carrier Sling has an interesting hip seat design that takes weight off of your back. It evenly distribute the infant’s weight across your hips and front pelvic region. The carrier is specially designed to alleviate lumbar pain. You can wear your baby on your front or on your back.

The baby carrier’s design allows you to remove the hip seat when you are not using it. You can even remove the shoulder straps and just use the hip seat to completely relieve your shoulders and upper back from doing any of the weight carrying.

Things to Keep in Mind

The NimNik is made to carry a baby from 12 to 45 pounds, so it is not for a newborn but it is fantastic for infants who are three months or older. It is also ideal for toddlers. Katherine Rosman lists this as one of her top baby carrier choices for a parent with a bad back.

It is made from a 100 percent cotton and is machine washable. There are also multiple pockets that you can hold essentials like credit cards, car keys, pacifiers, a burp rag, or any other small items that you might need on the go. The NimNik is an affordable carrier that will last many years.   

Who’s it Best for?

This carrier will fit adults from 5 to 6.5 feet tall. The waist belt ranges from 25 to 50 inches. It has a shoulder strap length of 20 to 40 inches. Both the straps and the waste belt are heavily padded for optimum comfort.  A woman with a small pelvis might have trouble with this baby carrier if she are trying to carry a toddler because the carrier can dig into her hips.

4.  Babi Bambino

Best Baby Carriers for a Bad Back Babi Bambino

The Babi Bambino carrier allows you to carry your baby in four different positions. Your infant can easily be carried in the front or on the back. This carrier will last from the time your baby is an infant until toddlerhood. It will hold up to 45 pounds.

Things to Keep in Mind

This carrier features a hip seat that is also removable. The Baby Bambino  was originally designed for hiking with your little one but it is so comfortable that it is ideal for daily use.

The carrier has an adjustable waist that measures up to 59 inches so it’s perfect for any size individual. The only real drawback about the design is that the waist strap is adjustable with Velcro and over time the Velcro may wear out. The straps are extremely comfortable and soft with extra padding. It is made from a shell-like fabric that is washable.

There is an included weatherproof hood to protect your little one during inclement weather. The carrier even features a headphone port. There are handy mesh pockets where you can slip toys or other carry-alongs.

Who’s it Best for?

Anyone with a bad back is going to love the lumbar support that this carrier provides. The baby’s weight is evenly distributed so you will experience no shoulder, neck, lower back, or pelvic pull. ABC Kids Inc. lists this backpack as one of their top choice for back pain sufferers.

5.  Lillebaby 6 in 1 Baby Carrier

Best Baby Carriers for a Bad Back Lille Baby

The Lillebaby All Seasons Baby Carrier lets you carry your infant in six positions: three variations of front inward, front forward, hip or back carry. It easily holds babies that weigh from 7 to 45 pounds. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute states that this baby carrier offers complete hip support and positioning. The seat is convertible to fit your growing baby as the years progress. It features an adjustable headrest for newborns that is easily altered as your baby matures.

Things to Keep in Mind

This carrier offers complete lumbar support with a lumbar pad in the back on the waist band. The specially designed waistband provides stability and relieves pressure. Your baby’s weight will be evenly distributed to provide your body with complete relief. The carrier’s shoulder straps are heavily padded and adjustable with 2-way adjusters. You can wear the straps as an X across your back or in a typical backpack style.

Who’s it Best for?

The backpack zips open to reveal a mesh panel that allows it to breath during the hot summer months. It can also be zipped up during cold weather for insulated comfort. Mommyhood 101 lists this carrier as one of their top choices.

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