The 5 Best Baby Spoons to Teach Your Baby to Self-Feed

Shortly after their first birthday, most babies have the fine motor skills needed to hold a spoon. Choose baby spoons that are lightweight, easy to grasp, and make self-feeding less frustrating for new eaters.


Self-feeding is a major milestone that occurs just a few short months after starting solid foods. Most babies start using a spoon between 13 and 15 months, according to Parents Magazine. When your little one shows interest in self-feeding, provide a spoon that will make the process easier.

While most of us moms know just how messy self-feeding can be, learning to eat with a spoon is an important skill.

“This is a chance to help your child learn more about taste, texture, smell, and temperature of food,” says the Raising Children Network. “For example, she’ll learn that it’s easier to pick up a piece of banana or kiwi fruit than a handful of yogurt or spaghetti.”

Starter spoons are usually small with a graspable handle and flat bowl. Many also have firm handles with necks that are bendable to allow easy access into the mouth. To help your baby master this new skill, we’ve compiled a list of the best baby spoons for self-feeding.

Best Baby Spoons for Self-Feeding

Best Baby Spoons for Self-Feeding Features

Despite your baby’s best efforts to eat applesauce with her fingers, not all foods are finger foods. Encourage your baby to start using a spoon for more liquidy dishes. Learn what features to look for in a baby spoon for self-feeding.


Your baby’s muscles are not well developed; meaning she probably can’t or won’t hold a heavy spoon. Choose a baby spoon that is lightweight and easy for your little one to hold. Lighter spoons will also remain upright in bowls of baby food, compared to heavier spoons which may fall over and sink into the mush.


You don’t want your baby injuring her mouth or gums by biting down on a metal spoon. Opt for a soft-tipped spoon that is resilient to your baby’s chewing and biting. Silicone or soft plastic are great options.

Flat Bowl

While you won’t be able to avoid a mess during feedings, a flat bowl spoon can cut down on the mess and help more food get into your baby’s mouth. A flat bowl is better equipped to grip just the right amount of food. When pulling the spoon out of the mouth, the lips easily pull the food off the flat tip.

1. Baby Pinch Boutique Bamboo Spoons

Best Baby Spoons for Self-Feeding baby Pinch

Eco-conscious moms can feel good about this purchase.  The Baby Pinch Boutique Fine Bamboo Spoons are 100 percent natural, BPA free, and the perfect size for babies learning how to self-feed.

These organic food-grade silicone and bamboo hybrid spoons are the ultimate starter spoons. The set of five come in a smooth finished handcrafted box with a magnetic lid enclosure, making your baby’s first spoons a keepsake that you can forever treasure.

They’re also adorable. Mom Loves Best says, “The bright colors of the spoons will attract your baby’s eye, but it’s the safety of the materials that will attract yours. Each handle has a smiley face on the end, which your baby will notice when she uses them.”

The silicone spoon tips easily detach from the durable bamboo handles. Simply throw the silicone tips in the dishwasher to be sanitized. Hand wash the wood handles and allow them to air dry.

Each set includes a rainbow of silicone tipped bamboo spoons, including blue, red, yellow, green, and orange. Each baby spoon measures 5.5 inches long.

Things to Keep in Mind

At just under $18 for the set of five spoons and keepsake box, this set is a bit of a splurge. However, the versatile handcrafted box can be used for other functions, such as storing ultrasound pictures or other baby memorabilia.

Who’s it Best for?

The Baby Pinch Boutique Fine Bamboo Spoon Gift Set is the perfect starter set for babies and toddlers learning how to self-feed. Each spoon features a wide, flexible tip that easily captures food as your little one practices balancing food on a spoon.

2. Munchkin Soft-Tip Infant Spoon

Best Baby Spoons for Self-Feeding Munchkin

Any old spoon won’t do when introducing solids to your little one. Opt for a spoon that will encourage your baby to eat with utensils, like the Munchkin Soft-Tip Infant Spoon.

This package includes six brightly colored spoons that are BPA and phthalate-free. Ergonomically-designed handles make the spoons easy to hold and the rounded, soft spoon bowls are gentle on baby’s gums.

After mealtime is over, these spoons can be placed on the top rack of the dishwasher for fast and easy cleaning.

Things to Keep in Mind

You’ll discover that the handle of the spoon is slightly heavier than the bowl. While this design allows for baby to better grasp the handle, it can cause the handle to fall out of regular baby jars due to unbalanced weight.

Who’s it Best for?

Munchkin Soft-Tip Infant Spoons are recommended for babies aged 3 months and up. At less than $3 for a package of six, these starter spoons are perfect for families on a tight budget.

3. Nuby 4-Pack Hot Safe Feeding Spoons

Best Baby Spoons for Self-Feeding Nubby

Not all baby spoons are suitable for hot and cold foods. However, the Nuby 4-Pack Hot Safe Feeding Spoons offer a unique safety mechanism that tells mom or dad when the food is too hot.

Dip the spoon into the food. If the tip turns white, the food is too hot or 110 degrees Fahrenheit or above. Now you can heat up your baby’s rice or purees without fear of him burning his mouth.

The easy grip handle provides baby with a comfortable and secure hold that makes it easy to reach down to the bottom of bowls and jars. Patented soft edge bowls help protect your baby’s delicate teeth and gums.

Nuby Hot Safe Feeding Spoons are BPA-free and available in packages of four with different colors in each pack. They’re also a top choice on Mom Junction in the ‘15 Best Spoons for Your Baby’.

Things to Keep in Mind

The spoons tend to discolor during feedings, especially if you leave the food on the spoon for a prolonged period of time. You can reduce the risk of staining by rinsing the food off the spoon directly after feedings.

Who’s it Best for?

These spoons are perfect for babies 4 months of age or older. They’re also a budget-friendly option at less than $6 for a pack of four.

4. BEST Baby BPA Free Infant Spoons

Best Baby Spoons for Self-Feeding Baby

Many parents worry about their baby choking when starting solid foods. The BEST Baby Spoons BPA Free Soft-Tip Infant Spoons reduces the risk of choking by serving perfectly-sized bites of food every time.

These colorful spoons are constructed of a soft silicone material that protects the teeth and gums when biting down. They also feature non-slip ergonomically designed handles that make gripping the spoon easy on little hands.

BEST Baby Spoons are BPA free, BPS free, 100 percent PVC free, phthalate free, and lead free. Each package comes with five colorful spoons.

Things to Keep in Mind

The silicone has the potential to stain when feeding your baby carrots. However, this doesn’t affect the use of the spoon.

Who’s it Best for?

These are great training spoons when introducing solids to your baby’s diet around 6 months of age. They’re also great for teething as they help soothe sore gums.

5. Boon Squirt Dispensing Spoon

Best Baby Spoons for Self-Feeding Boon

Feeding your baby with a traditional bowl and spoon can be messy, especially when you’re on-the-go. The Boon Squirt Baby Food Dispensing Spoon simplifies the feeding process by providing convenient one-handed feeding.

The Food Dispensing Spoon has been touted across the web for its usefulness by reviewers like Just fill up the bulb with up to 3 ounces of baby food and allow your baby to eat at his own pace. The spoon dispenses baby food one bite at a time.

In-between feedings, the protective cover keeps the spoon clean. Pop on the cap and seal the food while on-the-go for a quick feeding whenever your baby gets hungry.

The Boon Squirt Baby Food Dispensing Spoon is dishwasher safe and does not contain BPA, phthalates, or PVC.

Things to Keep in Mind

At just under $10 per spoon, this utensil can be a little costly to purchase more than one or two. However, the bulb is easy to clean meaning it can be easily reused for every meal.

Who’s it Best for?

The Boon Squirt Baby Food Dispensing Spoon is the perfect solution for parents who want to cut down on the mess during meal times or while away from home.

When your baby is finally ready for solids, introduce new foods in a fun, easy way. These best baby spoons for self-feeding will help your little one master eating with a spoon in no time flat.

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