The Best Diaper Pails for Twins

Changing diapers for two means more diapers, frequent refills and stronger odors. Here’s a look at our favorite diaper pails to keep it all under control.


Here’s how mornings work in our household: our twin girls wake up around 7 am and drink their hearty cups of milk as we change their diapers, from heavy overnight Huggies to the fresh daytime diapers.

After they finish and run around, getting warmed up to wreak havoc on the day, they both poop – like clockwork. So by 7:15, we’ve changed four diapers and have a nice pile going for the day.

In the early days, it was even worse: newborn diapers – times two – were soiled and replaced every few hours, and the Diaper Genie we received as a baby shower gift simply couldn’t handle such a continuous flow of dirty and soggy diapers.

Needless to say, we came to the realization that all parents of multiples do: you need heavy duty diaper storage to handle such a big daily load (excuse the pun).

We did hours of research, visited stores and ended up buying several diaper pails to see which would best fit the twins’ diaper output, and in the end we found a handful of products that successfully managed the space, odors and inconvenience of having twice as many diapers as a singleton.

What to Consider

When it comes to diaper pails for twins, there are two major factors to consider: space and odor control. The sheer number of diapers that get tossed each day means your normal-sized pail can be filled in just a few days (or less), so we wanted something that had a large capacity.

At the same time, you want a pail that keeps in odors well, despite its size. We tested some products that offered good storage space but didn’t have the odor-blocking features that the pails featured below have.

Overall, the most effective products were those that offered space, good odor-blocking technology and additional convenience features that made it easy to use while carrying a baby or two.

Finally, we looked at the overall cost of ownership for each pail based on how proprietary the refill bags are. In other words: some pails use standard garbage bags, while others, like the Diaper Genie, require you to buy their refills, which are shaped differently and often cost much more in the long run.

So yes, the Diaper Genie may be affordable upfront, but would the ongoing costs of refills make it more expensive to keep around for three years?

With that in mind, our main considerations for picking the best diaper pails for twins included:

  • space (overall diaper capacity)
  • odor concealment
  • general convenience
  • lifetime cost

We found the Dékor Plus Hands-Free Diaper Pail to be our top choice: its 60-diaper (newborn) capacity beat the competition, but it didn’t sacrifice odor control to get to that size.

For twin parents, this pail does a lot of things really well: hands-free use means you can tote around your duo without having to put them down, but childproof locks on the Dékor Plus mean it’ll be just as convenient when they start getting into everything.

Parent’s Choice

Dékor Plus Hands-Free Diaper Pail

dekor plus diaper pail hands-free
Photo: Dékor

The Dékor Plus holds more diapers than anything else we tested, though of course, actual capacity will vary by diaper size and how well they compact.

Dékor has its own proprietary refills that are actually one long liner, so you can cut it and start a fresh refill whenever you’re ready. So while you can’t use standard garbage bags, you don’t have to be committed to overly expensive custom refills for three years.

According to Dékor, the lifetime savings with the Plus is tremendous, at nearly half the cost of other leading diaper pails.

best diaper pail for twins statistics
Graph: Dékor

To get even more life from the Plus, you can use it as a regular trash can when your little ones are out of diapers. With a few adjustments, the Dékor Plus is ready for standard trash bags and all the non-diaper debris that comes with raising twins.

Why Parents Love It

The hands-free setup makes it easy to throw away diapers even if you’ve got your hands tied. And let’s be real – when aren’t your hands tied with multiples?

The price point seems right, the lifetime cost of the pail is lower than many models, and the odor-blocking, while not class-leading, is stellar enough to keep your nursery smelling fresh.

It doesn’t hurt that the Plus is available in 7 colors, making it easier to find something that complements your twins’ color scheme.

Dekor’s best-selling pail requires fewer trips to your main garbage bin and holds about 33% more diaper than the Dekor Classic size. But just because this thing holds more doesn’t mean it’ll take up the nursery: it’s slim, modern profile and good dimensions (13.5″ x 9.5″ x 22.75″) make it easy to slip into any nursery or room with ease.

Because of its solid design and construction, you can also use the Dékor Plus with cloth diapers, though we found most people use them primarily for disposables.

Things to Keep in Mind

With a larger holding area, that does mean diapers could sit around for a bit longer before they’re tossed. So like any pail that releases a slight bit of odor when it’s opened, you may get a puff of stink here and there, but it’s nothing that affects the overall performance of the pail.

The refills, while not as expensive as other proprietary bags, do cost a little more than standard garbage bags, but we found that the convenience of having more capacity far outweighed any lifetime cost increases. Each refill holds up to 580 newborn diapers, so you won’t need to buy refills as often as you would with the Diaper Genie.

The Bottom Line

If diaper capacity is your main concern – and it was in our household – the Dékor Plus offers a whole new level of convenience. If you’re used to the compact, awkward bags from Diaper Genie, this thing will blow you away with how well it stores diapers.

And with a lifetime guarantee on materials and workmanship, the Plus will stick around far beyond your little ones’ diaper years.

Dékor Plus, Amazon


Award-Winning Performance

Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail

ubbi steel diaper pail can
Photo: Ubbi

The Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail was recently named the best overall diaper pail by The Wirecutter, a large review site owned by the New York Times.

After doing our own research, we discovered the Ubbi is great for multiples as well; it doesn’t offer the same capacity as the Dékor Plus, but with a holding tank for up to 50 diapers, it’s still one of the larger effective pails on the market.

The non-porous steel exterior does a good job of keeping smells from leaking out, and the sliding lid means it doesn’t have to be open for long in order to drop diapers in.

Why Parents Love It

The Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail is at least twice the cost of a Diaper Genie, but over the span of your little one’s toddler years, it’s actually less expensive because it doesn’t require costly Ubbi-branded refills (though they are available).

“Unlike most other pails, the Ubbi can use regular trash bags—not proprietary refills—an advantage that simplifies everything,” writes Winnie Yang at The Wirecutter, “from changing the bags to buying replacements and also costs you literally hundreds of dollars less over a few years of ownership.”

The powder-coated steel exterior keeps in odors better than most plastic models do, and with more than 15 colors and patterns available, the Ubbi can be in the backgrounds of your social media and family pictures without looking like an eyesore.

Things to Keep in Mind

The Ubbi is a great all-around pail; it doesn’t have as much space as the Dékor Plus, and it doesn’t handle odors as well as the Munchkin below, so if either of those is your main concerns, you’d do well to consider those models first.

The Ubbi’s size (15″ x 10.75″ x 23″) is standard, but if you’re working with a small space, it’s slightly larger than the Dékor Plus without offering the same diaper capacity.

But for those who want an aesthetically pleasing trash can that works as nice as it looks, the Ubbi is a great solution. It’s also one of the cheapest long-term solutions because it doesn’t force you to buy Ubbi’s own refills.

The Bottom Line

The Ubbi has won a number of industry “best of” awards and it’s no surprise why; we fully expect this brand to gain more market share of the diaper pail industry as time goes on – especially for families with multiples where sleek, practical performance reigns supreme.

Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail, Amazon


Class-Leading Odor Control

Munchkin Step Diaper Pail

munchkin step diaper pail arm and hammer
Photo: Munchkin

Munchkin teamed up with Arm & Hammer for their Step diaper pail, which means you get world-class odor control when it matters most.

For parents who care more about keeping the stink under control rather than maximizing the number of diapers you can shove in a pail, the Step is an ideal solution. It was voted 2017’s best diaper pail by The Bump, and claims to be the market’s top option for odor control.

The Step’s self-sealing system prevents what happens with the Diaper Genie and other products: every time the hatch is opened, a whiff of old diapers escapes.

Instead, the Step offers a closed mechanism that keeps the bag closed even when a diaper’s inserted. A lavender-scented baking soda puck on the underside of the lid adds further odor control. Thank you, Arm & Hammer.

Why Parents Love It

No mystery here: eliminating the waft of odor that’s released from lower quality pails is a relative life-changer, especially if your pail is in a small room or nursery.

The Step’s design is easy to use, and although it does require special refills, it’s flexible enough to use two different types (snap, seal and toss; continuous ring).

Secure childproof locks keep your toddlers out of the trash when they’re older, and smooth aesthetics help the Step blend into its surroundings.

Things to Keep in Mind

At 12″ x 27″, the Step is slightly larger and bulkier than other models we’ve recommended, so it may be better for parents with more space.

And although it’s flexible enough to use two different types of refills, both options can be costly in the long run because they’re proprietary refills. Still, having multiple options allows you to shop around for the best prices and products that work for your budget.

The Bottom Line

“Diaper duty doesn’t always have to stink,” writes The Bump, and we tend to agree. If odor control is top-of-mind for your household, the Step pail is the way to go.

Step Diaper Pail, Amazon


The Standard in Diaper Pails

Playtex Diaper Genie Complete

diaper genie complete
Photo: Playtex

The Playtex Diaper Genie is considered the best-selling pail of all-time. It’s ubiquitous in its use around the country, but does selling the most units also mean being the best diaper pail?

In our opinion, not necessarily. The Diaper Genie came to life in the early 1990s, which means it has a head start on companies like Ubbi and Dékor. As parents become more aware of the high-quality alternatives to the Diaper Genie, however, we fully expect Playtex to lose some of its market share.

It doesn’t help that Diaper Genie has one of the highest lifetime costs because of its proprietary refills. Despite the ongoing cost, this pail remains one of the most commonly used baby products ever, so there is something to be said for how well it works.

Its hands-free use is convenient and it does a good job of keeping odors down with its patented double-clamp mechanism. The Diaper Genie Complete is slightly smaller than the Dékor or Ubbi, so it’s ideal for small nurseries or living spaces.

When we used the Diaper Genie, we stored it in the laundry room near the garage, so it fits in well with the appliances and didn’t make the small room smell bad. Still, it was small, and with twins, it’s simply not our first recommendation because of how often it has to be refilled and replaced.

Why Parents Love It

BabyCenter recently gave the Diaper Genie Complete its 2017 Moms’ Picks Award, which is based on the company’s surveying and online voting results.

Ease of use is perhaps the Diaper Genie’s biggest selling point: it’s easy to cut and tie off new refills, and the 7-layer refill bags do a good job of keeping everything contained.

Things to Keep in Mind

Because of the Diaper Genie’s small size (13.5″ x 10.2″ x 21.8″) and vertical construction, it’s difficult to always get full use of the holding space. We found that most diapers lodged themselves into nooks and crannies and when we went to replace the bags, there was a ton of extra space that, if condensed, could have held many more diapers.

To get full use of its capacity, you have to open the front panel and push diapers into corners to make room for the next load. This is inconvenient and, despite the use of 7-layer bags, doesn’t smell great.

For multiples, the number of diapers used each day means the Diaper Genie gets refilled often. Not only does this take more time to manage – cutting, refilling and throwing away each bag – it’s also more expensive.

Where the Ubbi can use standard trash bags and the Dékor uses one long refill liner, the Diaper Genie requires you to always have several refills on hand, and these things add up (even if you buy the generic versions, which don’t work as well).

The Bottom Line

It’s been a nursery staple for years, but the Diaper Genie’s dominance is slowly coming to an end. Higher-end products from Ubbi, Dékor and other brands have made the Diaper Genie an expensive, less-effective option that works well for a time, but ultimately difficulties keeping up with the demands of diapers for multiples.

Diaper Genie, Amazon



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