9 Best High Chairs Under $100 for Budget-Savvy Parents

You don’t need to spend much to get a high chair that’s safe, easy to clean and versatile. Here’s a look at nine of the best full-size and compact options on the market.


Early on in my wife’s pregnancy, we discovered we’d be welcoming two babies into the world. It didn’t take long for us to refocus our baby-gear budget to reflect needing two of many things, including high chairs.

Fortunately, we were able to find a handful of strongly recommended high chairs under $100 that often offered the same level of quality, safety and versatility as higher-end models.

When it comes down to it, what most parents need in a highchair is as few headaches as possible, so ease of use and a small footprint are often at the top of the priority list. Safety should always be an issue, but most of today’s high chairs conform to the same rigorous safety standards – complete with five- and three-point harnesses – but it never hurts to look up the latest high chair recalls.

Below, you’ll find nine of the most popular and highest-rated high chairs under $100; six of these are full-size chairs that include legs, and three are booster seat-style high chairs that attach to a dining chair or table.

When choosing the best high chair for your family, consider what’s important to you before making a decision. If you live in a small home with little dining room space, a booster seat-style high chair may suit your needs better than a bulky convertible chair with many features and settings.

“You will have this piece of equipment for many years, and will certainly make many great memories with it, so it’s a decision you don’t want to take lightly,” says BabyGearLab’s Jessica Stevenson.

With that said, here’s a look at the best high chairs under $100 for 2017.

Best Highchairs Under $100

Best Full-Size High Chairs

Full-size high chairs include legs, and are often made to fit the average height of tables, though some are height-adjustable. They may cater to one stage of babyhood, or may “convert” to toddler or booster seats when needed.

The benefit of full-size high chairs is their sturdiness and quality, though this comes with larger footprints and less mobility.

1. Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 Ridgedale High Chair

ingenuity trio 3 in 1

For many families, versatility is the name of the game, and few high chairs offer the same range of use as the Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 High Chair. It’s ideal for kids six months to five years old, and offers three modes: traditional high chair, booster seat and toddler chair.

The chair and tray can be removed from the legs and placed on a dining chair as a solid option for travel or small spaces, and the toddler chair allows you to sit two kids at once – one on the booster seat (on a dining chair), and one on the high chair with legs.

The 3-in-1 was named a Best Buy by Consumer Reports, and it’s only one of several CR-recommended high chairs under $100. “Although this chair does not fold, it has many good, functional features, at a budget-friendly price,” their editors claim. “And it’s easy to clean.”

Its strongest draws are its ease of use and long-term potential: with three reclining positions, four tray positions and the three sitting modes, it’s a practical, easy option that’ll last years.

Things to Keep in Mind

The main drawback to the Ingenuity 3-in-1 is its lack of mobility: users say the wheels don’t work easily, though if its used in only one or two locations in the home, it’s not a deal-breaker. It doesn’t fold, so you’ll need to have the space for a full-size traditional high chair, unless you’re only using the booster seat.

Who’s it Best for?

With easy adjustments, quick cleaning and a versatile range of use, this high chair is best for budget-conscious families who want a one-chair option for home and travel – for years to come. It’s not the most mobile option on the market, but for parents who don’t need to constantly move the chair, it gets the job done on a budget.

2. Graco Slim Snacker High Chair

graco slim snacker

Parents who are short on space may find the Graco Slim Snacker a lifesaver. Its one-second, one-hand folding feature is easy to maneuver even when your hands are full, which is often. It’s a no-frills high chair that keeps your baby safe and secure while eating, with a five-point harness that can be adjusted to three points down the road.

With three reclining positions, a footrest and under-chair storage, it offers the basics and not much else, though it is one of Consumer Reports recommended high chairs. The reason it’s one of the best-selling high chairs under $100 is its ability to fold and fit into pantries, closets and other small spaces between mealtimes.

The Slim Snacker is easy to clean, doesn’t take much time to adjust and offers plenty of safe, comfortable space for baby. Though ease of use is its biggest selling point, many parents find the chair’s fit and design is comfortable for their little ones.

Things to Keep in Mind

With no wheels, the Slim Snacker isn’t exactly mobile, but its light size and ability to fold quickly doesn’t make it cumbersome. The tray must come off before folding, so you’ll need to find a dedicated spay for it if the chair will be put away between meals.

Overall, most parents like how basic the high chair is, but if you’re looking for something with a lot of features, you may want to consider other options.

Who’s it Best for?

Parents who live in smaller spaces like apartments, flats and studios may find the Slim Snacker particularly useful. Families on tighter budgets will enjoy its price point, and parents looking for the basics and little else will find the Slim Snacker is a great entry-level option for their baby.

3. Cosco Simple Fold High Chair

best high chair under 100

The Cosco Simple Fold High Chair is one of BabyCenter’s 2017 Moms’ Picks Awards finalists, and if spreading your baby budget is the priority, the Simple Fold is a great buy under $50. Like the Graco model above, this chair folds away when its not in use, but the Cosco allows you to keep the tray on the high chair when folded.

The Simple Fold uses a three-point harness to securely hold babies up to 50 pounds, and because of its lightweight folding design, it’s easy to move in and out as needed. Its wipeable seat pad is easy to clean (over and over) and the folding mechanism is incredibly easy.

Like the Graco, it’s a basic, no-frills chair that doesn’t win any awards for innovation, but it folds up ideally for those with small spaces, and it’s difficult to find a better full-size option at this price point.

Things to Keep in Mind

The Simple Fold doesn’t offer a five-point harness like many high chairs, so if you’re looking specifically at safety, there are better options on the market. However, the three-point harness is often all that’s needed, and as your baby grows you’ll find it offers better flexibility and comfort than a five-point harness.

Because this high chair is on the lower-end of the price spectrum, the materials and construction are good but not great. If you’re looking for the most stable, high-quality chair you can find, the Simple Fold may not live up to your expectations.

Who’s it Best for?

Families on a tight budget or those looking for an all-in-one folding chair (including tray) will find the Simple Fold a practical solution to keeping baby safe and comfortable while eating. It’s a bare-bones option that’s popular in many households because of its quick-fold, lightweight build.

4. IKEA Antilop

ikea antilop

IKEA is renowned for affordable, minimalistic furniture pieces, and its Antilop high chair, recommended as Wirecutter‘s top high chair pick, is no exception. It’s a clean, simple high chair that forgoes complicated features and adjustments in favor of ease and function.

The Antilop, at $20, is also one of the most affordable (and still good quality) chairs on the market. If you’re skeptical of the price, you’re not alone, but once you see the simple design and construction of the chair, you’ll see how and why it can come this cheap.

To start, it doesn’t have fabric or moving parts: it’s just a plastic seat and attached tray, which isn’t easily removeable. Parents may find this counterintuitive, but the lack of options here means that it’s easy to keep your kitchen free of clutter.

In our house, for example, we have two trays from our twins that are floating around the kitchen or dining room at all times – always a mess.

But this is a good thing. With most high chairs, there are cracks, crevices and valleys that can collect liquids and food, making them a den of odors and bacteria. The Antilop avoids this issue with its less-is-more approach to design. And with its minimalistic styling, it fits in well with all types of homes and décor.

Things to Keep in Mind

There are high chairs, and there is the Antilop. Although it’s one of the most recommended high chairs of all-time, it has its downsides. The tray isn’t as easy to remove as most high chairs, and if that’s something you’ve gotten used to while raising your other children, you may find this awkward.

The Antilop also doesn’t fold, so if space is an issue, consider a folding option that will keep your chair’s footprint smaller. Finally, this chair doesn’t offer reclining adjustments, or a footrest, so comfort may eventually be an issue for your baby, though many parents say its comfort level seems just fine.

One last thing to consider: the $20 price point is only available in stores; if you don’t live near an IKEA, you’ll have to consider a more expensive online purchase from Amazon, though we’d still gladly pay $50 for this model, all things considered.

Who’s it Best for?

Parents near an IKEA who want a quick and easy high chair setup will find the Antilop a practical option. If you’re looking for a less-is-more attitude with your baby gear and budget, the Antilop offers everything you actually need, and none of the extras.

5. Svan Wooden High Chair

svan wooden high chair

Svan may not be a household name the way Graco is, but they offer award-winning products that have been featured in British Vogue, American Baby and the Ellen Show. Their Wooden High Chair is one of the best wooden options under $100, and offers parents a long-term solution to keeping baby safe and eating comfortably.

The Svan’s ergonomic design adjusts with your baby’s size and age, and many users have had it for years at a time because of its useful lifespan. A handle on the back of the chair is easy to adjust, and the beautiful bentwood design works well in all types of interiors.

It’s available in cherry, white, espresso, whitewash and mahogany, and the simplicity of the design shows in each finish. With safety guards, a washable tray that stores in the back and a fully-adjustable design, Svan’s wooden high chair is an impressive display of form and function.

Things to Keep in Mind

Although the design is ergonomically-focused, some babies may need additional cushion to stay comfortable over long periods of time. Some customers said they added small back cushions that kept their baby in a more comfortable position.

Its simple design also means it doesn’t have the same sort of “comfort” adjustments as plastic high chairs, but parents considering this model are often more concerned about having a long-lasting wooden product than a plastic one.

The wood will age, though many users like the way it fades and changes over time.

Who’s it Best for?

Parents who want the beautiful, long-lasting aesthetics of wood would do well to consider the Svan high chair; because it doesn’t fold or have height adjustments, it’s ideal for those who will consistently keep it at a regular-height table.

6. Graco SimpleSwitch Convertible High Chair

graco simple switch high chair 100

“The Graco SimpleSwitch High Chair and Booster is the economical chair when transitioning between stages,” said writes Sarah Sager at Parenting.com.

Like the Ingenuity 3-in-1 chair, the SimpleSwitch is ideal for parents looking to buy one chair that will grow and adjust with their baby. It’s also easy to use: it’s the only convertible under $100 that offers one-hand tray removal that’s actually as simple as it sounds.

Clean-up is also a breeze, and the machine washable chair fabric is easy to toss in the wash when needed. Storage room under the legs keeps everything together and organized even when your baby has grown from the high chair to booster seat mode.

Safety and comfort are top-notch here: a three- or five-point harness holds babies up to 37 pounds in the high chair and up to 60 pounds in the booster seat. Three recline levels offer additional comfort options and an easy, ergonomic design makes the whole seat ideal for average-height tables.

Things to Keep in Mind

The SimpleSwitch doesn’t allow two kids to sit at once, like the Ingenuity 3-in-1 does. If you have only one child at this stage, however, it’s a comfortable, quality convertible option. It doesn’t have wheels, so it’s not as mobile as other options, but at 16 pounds, it’s not a huge deal to pick it up and move it as needed.

Who’s it Best for?

If you’re looking for a simple convertible option under $100, the SimpleSwitch is an excellent choice. It grows with your baby, and is great for those who want to keep their high chair out and about at the table rather than folding it away between meals.

Best Space-Saving High Chairs

Traditional, full-size high chairs are great for home, but a space-saving booster or travel high chair can make vacations and visits with family even easier. Here’s a look at our favorite small high chairs under $100.

7. Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat

fisher price space saving high chair

“The simple, compact Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat buckles to an adult chair and makes for a versatile travel chair or a spare chair to keep at Grandma’s house,” writes Erica Pearson at Wirecutter.

Sounds simple enough, but the reason so many parents love the Healthy Care Booster Seat is that it really is that easy. It’s ideal for travel – it folds nice and includes a lid for the tray to keep things clean – but works just as well at home, day in and day out.

The clean, minimalistic design of the seat means there’s no cracks or crevices for food, and cleaning is even easier. The whole thing breaks down into an easy-to-carry package (complete with carrying strap), and when it’s ready to secure to a chair, front and rear straps make it easy to keep in place, no matter how much your little one wiggles.

The tray’s easy to adjust and clean, and the back can be removed as your baby grows. Three height-adjustments and a three-point harness keep baby securely in place, but allow enough space to eat comfortably.

As parents, we are often on the go – weekends out of town, visits to family and road trips – and knowing we have a go-to high chair wherever we go makes mealtimes much easier to anticipate.

Things to Keep in Mind

Because this is a travel-focused booster seat, some parents find it too small to be entirely comfortable for their baby. This is often a symptom of travel high chairs in general and not necessarily this particular model, but it is worth considering.

Some parents found that the height of the booster seat isn’t ideal depending on the height of the dining seat, but for the most part, it fits average-height tables and chairs just fine.

Who’s it Best for?

The Healthy Care seat is ideal for parents who are on-the-go as much as they are at home; it works great at the home table, but it does wonders when you need it for travel or to bring to other homes or dining locations. It folds down easily and packs in well, so it’s great for road trips and family vacations that might require you to pack lightly otherwise.

8. Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair

fisher price spacesaver high chair

“A popular entry in today’s space-saving, multi-tasking baby product race, this multi-function chair (infant recliner/high chair/booster) requires less vertical and floor space than most high chairs,” says Consumer Reports, who made the SpaceSaver their highest-rated booster seat.

The SpaceSaver is exactly that: the perfect way to save space when it’s needed most. This is the high chair that my wife and I used for our twins, and it was the perfect way to have two high chairs without two bulky, full-size chairs at the table.

Instead, we attached these to our regular dining room chairs and were able to fit everything in the same space we used before. The seats themselves are good quality: they’re lightweight, so they might not seem like they’re substantial, but when the bottom and rear straps are attached to a chair, they’re as secure as any full-size high chair.

We’ve used these extensively for travel and visiting family – including a 3,600-mile road trip to the Midwest – and these proved an excellent way to keep our mealtimes safe and successful on the road. They pack well, though they are somewhat bulky, so you’ll want to arrange your things accordingly.

For life at home, they’re easy to clean – the straps and fabric comes off easily, and the “scoop” bottom of the chair is easy to clean out. It does collect food from time to time, but the concave of the seat is shallow and it doesn’t take much to remove what collects there.

When your toddler is old enough, the high-back can be removed to make it a more “independent” booster seat, and the adjustable tray makes it easy to find a comfortable space for your baby. The tray is solid, easy to clean and remove, and clean-up takes just seconds.

Things to Keep in Mind

The SpaceSaver is lightweight, so it might not feel like its as good quality as full-size chairs. But, its five-point harness (which can be adjusted to three-points) is as safe as they come. We kept the five-point harness on for a long time, but even switching to the three-point option felt safe and secure for the babies.

The only inconvenience of the chair is its straps: they can be removed, but it does take some finagling to get them in the right slots, but removing and cleaning them is a must-do after a while.

Who’s it Best for?

The SpaceSaver is ideal for families with multiple kids who need to keep high chair footprints to a minimum, or anyone who wants a compact, lightweight option that’s easy to travel with. For those who want easy convenience over the bulk of full-size high chairs, the SpaceSaver lives up to its name, and then some.

9. Inglesina Fast Table Chair

best $100 or under highchair

Baby List named the Inglesina Fast Table Chair one of their top picks for 2017, and it’s quickly become a go-to option for families on the move.

This chair is unique in that it attaches to the table rather than legs or a dining chair, and although that comes with its own safety concerns, the Inglesina addresses them with extremely reliable, durable scratch-free couplings that keep the chair – and your kid – securely in place.

It’s great for traveling, but the benefits don’t stop there.

“The biggest sell, however, is that the Inglesina works well for both everyday use and as a travel high chair, all in one,” writes Dave Baldwin at Fatherly. “At no extra cost.”

The Fast Table Chair weighs only 4 pounds and holds babies up to 37 pounds. Its polyester fabric is easy to clean, and the whole thing breaks down into an easy-to-carry size that takes up very little space whether it’s set up or stored away.

Things to Keep in Mind

Inglesina’s signature travel high chair works on most tables up to 3.5” thick, so if you’re working with anything thicker, you may have trouble getting the chair to stick. Chairs that attach to tables are also inherently less safe than stand-alone chairs – if only because more could go wrong – but the overwhelmingly positive reviews for the Fast Table Chair would make it seem that this is a non-issue for most parents.

And although it does hold babies up to 37 pounds, this is quite a bit lighter than most of the other chairs we recommend, so you may find yourself needing a second option at some point down the road.

Who’s it Best for?

Families who travel often or find themselves in different dining settings – restaurants, other family houses, hotels – will find the Inglesina useful. Its lightweight, modern look appeals to parents who value aesthetics (and safety) over having a bulky looking chair apparatus at the table, and it may be particular useful for families in urban homes with minimal dining space.



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