The Best Ice Cube Tray for Storing & Preparing Baby Food

Looking for the best containers to store your baby food? Ice cube trays are inexpensive, easy to use, and create perfect portion sizes for babies.


Life was always chaotic during the baby days. With a toddler always in tow and an infant to care for, I had little time to prepare my daughter’s fruit and veggie purees which she was eating up to three times a day. To minimize stress during the week, I would spend an hour each weekend preparing and freezing homemade baby food.

At first, I poured the purees into standard ice cube trays that I already owned and covered them with plastic wrap. I soon discovered this wasn’t the most efficient method. I decided to shell out a few bucks for baby food storage containers and never looked back.

Best Ice Cube Tray for Baby Food

Homemade organic baby food is almost 45 percent cheaper than store-bought organic, according to Julia Scott of Mint. Non-organic is nearly 43 percent cheaper than store-bought non-organic.

Even with the initial costs of new ice cube trays, making your own homemade baby food is often a healthier and more affordable option.

Baby-friendly ice cube trays are specifically designed to make freezing baby food a breeze. Unlike traditional ice trays that release all the cubes when the sides are twisted in opposite directions, baby food ice trays release just one cube at a time.

These trays tend to be well portioned for a single meal, with average portions of ¾ ounce. Due to the flat lids, the trays can also be stacked to save space in your freezer.

Ice Cube Tray Features to Consider

Ice cube trays are a quick and easy tool for freezing leftover baby food. Learn what features to look for when shopping for trays.

Flexible Material

Choose a baby food container made from a flexible material, such as silicone. Silicone ice cube trays make it easy to pop out a single cube of food. Some trays contain silicone lids which are also useful for absorbing odors and protecting against freezer burn.


If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to make a few trays full of baby food ahead of time. To save space in your freezer, look for ice cube trays that can be stacked on top of one another.

Balanced Portions

Depending on the age of your baby, you may need smaller or larger portions of baby food to satisfy your little one’s hunger. Opt for an ice cube tray with molds that hold the proper size cube for your baby. Too large and you’ll be wasting food, but too small and you won’t have enough for a proper meal.

Fresh Baby So Easy Baby Food and Breast Milk Trays

Best Ice Cube Tray for Baby Food Fresh Baby

Available in quantities of two or four, the Fresh Baby So Easy Baby Food and Breast Milk Trays reduce food waste by creating single serving cubes of your baby’s favorite foods.

The spill-proof, stackable ice cube trays make 12 pre-portioned servings of ½ to 1-ounce cubes. Made in the USA, the tray is freezer-safe and dishwasher safe, and does not contain harmful BPA, phthalates, or lead.

Fill the Fresh Baby trays with expressed breast milk or pureed baby food, cover, and place in the freezer. When your baby is ready to eat, remove the tray from the freezer, twist, and pop out the number of cubes you need. If you prefer to remove all the cubes from the tray, leftovers can be easily stored in a freezer bag.

Things to Keep in Mind

Use caution when washing your ice cube trays in the dishwasher. High temperatures may cause the tray lids to shrink or warp. If you experience fit issues, run the lid under hot water until it become pliable.

Who’s it Best for?

The Fresh Baby So Easy Baby Food and Breast Milk Trays are ideal for parents in search of affordable ice cube trays with convenient lids.

Mumi&Bubi Solids Starter Kit

Best Ice Cube Tray for Baby Food Mumi and Bubi

Designed exclusively for baby food, the Mumi&Bubi Solids Starter Kit features two premium stackable compact baby food freezer trays with lids for just under $26.

While a little more costly than other options on the market, these premium ice cube trays provide even more storage space for your baby’s frozen foods. Each tray makes 21 1-ounce cubes for a total capacity of 42 ounces. The dishwasher-safe plastic tray is certified BPA and PVC free and made in New Zealand.

Along with the trays you’ll receive lids that lock in place to help eliminate contamination, spills, and freezer burn. The trays are uniquely designed to stack on top of one another to save space in your freezer. With a purchase of a Mumi&Bubi Solids Starter Kit you’ll also receive a step-by-step homemade baby food recipe e-guide with 27 starter recipes.

The efficient ice cube trays are a must-have according to Yummy Spoonfuls: “They’re great for making large batches for multiple introductions because most babies don’t always like what we offer the very first time.”

Things to Keep in Mind

The ice cube trays feature rounded bottoms that allow you to gently push out the frozen food cubes. If the cubes refuse to budge, simply run some warm water on the bottom of the tray and the cubes should loosen up.

Who’s it Best for?

The Mumi&Bubi Solids Starter Kit is the perfect option for moms in search of a safe and effective container for their homemade baby food. Buy it for yourself or gift it to an expecting friend.

OXO Tot Baby Food Freezer Tray with Silicone Lid

Best Ice Cube Tray for Baby Food XOX

If space is limited in your freezer, try the OXO Tot Baby Food Freezer Tray with Silicone Lid. For under $10, you’ll receive two freezer trays with silicone lids designed to absorb odors and protect against freezer burn.

Each tray is flat and narrow to allow for convenient stacking in the freezer. On the bottom of each tray are feet that allow the tray to remain stable. While the tray itself is made of plastic, the molds have rounded bottoms that make them easy to remove. Each tray makes six 1-ounce baby food cubes.

On each side of the tray are handles that allow you to maintain a firm grip as your transferring the tray from counter to freezer. The tray measures 2 inches by 13 inches by 3.3 inches.

Things to Keep in Mind

While the OXO Tot Baby Food Freezer Tray with Silicone Lid is dishwasher safe, the manufacturer suggests washing it on the top rack to avoid warping.

Who’s it Best for?

If you’re short on space in your freezer, the OXO baby food trays are an excellent space-saving option.

Beaba Multiportions Baby Food Storage Containers

Best Ice Cube Tray for Baby Food BEABA

A trusted name in baby food storage for more than 25 years, Beaba offers some of the best baby food storage containers on the market. One such option is the versatile Beaba Multiportions Baby Food Storage Containers.

The FDA food grade silicone ice cube tray is lead, phthalate, and BPA free and features non-stick silicone molds for food that easily pops out when frozen. Easily store up to seven individual meals for your baby in the 2-ounce or 3-ounce size options. Once you’ve filled up the molds, snap on the transparent lid and place the tray in the freezer.

The silicone tray measures 4.9 inches by 7.5 inches by 2 inches and is available in several color options. Beaba’s Multiportions tray is a recommended baby food container by Apartment Therapy and is highly popular among busy moms who want a week’s worth of meals in a single, convenient container.

Things to Keep in Mind

When filling the silicone molds, be sure to only fill them about three quarters of the way up to allow room for expansion as the food freezes.

Who’s it Best for?

If you’re a parent trying to save time by making baby food in advance, the Beaba can help make storing the food easy.

Looking for the best way to store your homemade baby food? Ice cube trays are inexpensive and create the perfect serving size for your little one’s meals.

Rubbermaid Easy Release Ice Cube Tray

Best Ice Cube Tray for Baby Food Rubermaid

Looking for an inexpensive solution for freezing your leftover baby food? For under $6, the Rubbermaid Easy Release Ice Cube Tray is a quality, budget-friendly option.

The durable white trays measure 4-3/4 inch by 12-1/2 inch by 1-1/2 inch and are available in packs of one, two, four, eight, or 24. On each side of the ice cube tray you’ll find convenient handles that help you to easily remove the baby food once frozen.

Due to their quality construction, Rubbermaid Easy Release Ice Cube Trays are top rack dishwasher safe. You’ll also love that they do not contain BPA or phthalates and are made in the USA.

Parent Guide named the Rubbermaid tray as the top ice cube tray for baby food in a recent review:

“As someone whose freezer space is at a premium, I was impressed that the ice cube tray stacks rather than “nestles,” says Parent Guide. “This means that you can place your baby food in multiple ice cube trays and stack them on top of one another without having them freeze together.”

Things to Keep in Mind

The Rubbermaid Easy Release Ice Cube Tray is a standard ice cube tray, meaning there’s no lid. I suggest pouring the baby food into the ice cube tray and allowing it to freeze. Once frozen, twist the tray to release the cubes and store the frozen cubes in a zip-lock bag in your freezer.

Who’s it Best for?

This basic Rubbermaid ice cube tray is ideal for parents in search of a low-cost baby food container that works well and is easy to clean.


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