The Most Effective Pads for Postpartum Bleeding

It’s a topic most people don’t talk about, but when it happens to you, you want to be prepared. Choosing the right postpartum pads can make a big difference in your comfort level postpartum.


After nine period-free months, it can be tough when postpartum bleeding rears its ugly head. While postpartum bleeding is not actually a period, it does have the same effects. Imagine the heaviest period you’ve ever had (or worse).

Let’s just say that your ultra-thin maxi pads are not going to cut it. You need a pad that can stand up to the gobs of blood, mucus, and tissue from your uterus.

Known as lochia, postpartum bleeding is the discharge emitted from the uterine wall in which the placenta was attached during pregnancy. Lochia is typically dark red in color during the first three days, according to the Cleveland Clinic, and may contain small blood clots.

Over time, the discharge will become lighter, more watery, and may vary in color. Postpartum bleeding typically stops 4 to 6 after delivery.

Best Pads for Postpartum Bleeding

What to Look for

Postpartum bleeding can be frustrating. Not only will you have to change your pad frequently, you are also at high risk for clothing stains, especially if you are not using the right pads. Learn what features to look for in pads for postpartum bleeding.


After delivering your little one, comfort should be your main priority. Avoid pads that are made from rough or itchy materials that could irritate the skin. Disposable maxi pads are typically made of bleached rayon, plastics, and cotton. If you prefer a natural alternative, you can also find pads constructed of 100 percent certified organic cotton.


Heavy bleeding after delivery can create an offensive odor that tends to linger, no matter how much you wash. Choosing scented pads can help disguise this smell and make you feel fresher. However, some individuals may experience reactions to common scents and additives. If you are sensitive to scents, stick with unscented pads.


As postpartum bleeding can be quite heavy, you need pads that are super absorbent. As a general rule of thumb, thinner pads will absorb less liquid and thicker pads will absorb more liquid. However, some brands are better than others. Regardless, you will need a fairly thick pad with high absorption properties.

Organyc 100% Organic Cotton Pads

Best Pads for Postpartum Bleeding Organyc

After delivery, it’s natural for your skin to be tender. The right pad can make all the difference in your comfort. For moms who prefer a natural approach to maxi pads, try the Organyc 100% Organic Cotton Pads with Wings for Sensitive Skin.

Organyc is the first line of feminine hygiene products constructed entirely of 100 percent biodegradable organic cotton that has been bleached without the use of chlorine. This results in a naturally healthy environment for women’s feminine health. Cotton is naturally absorbent and provides a neutral pH balance and breathability, making it the ultimate choice for moms with sensitive skin.

Mom Loves Best named the Organyc pads in their ‘5 Best Postpartum Pads’ article, saying: “If you’re worried about the chemicals and materials in disposable postpartum pads and some cloth pads, you have a lot of organic options you can check out instead. These pads still offer great performance in terms of absorbency, but you can feel safer when using them.”

Things to Keep in Mind

These are quite a bit shorter than other postpartum bleeding, measuring 4.5 inches. However, for women who prefer shorter pads, these will work great.

Who’s it Best for?

The Organyc 100% Organic Cotton Pads with Wings for Sensitive Skin are an excellent option for women who want a natural maxi pad that will not irritate the skin.

Covidien Curity Maternity Pad

Best Pads for Postpartum Bleeding Covidien

Inexpensive yet effective, the Covidien Curity Maternity Pad is the perfect solution for women with heavy postpartum bleeding. For under $5, the package contains 14 4.33-inch by 12.25-inch pads.

The pads are exceptionally soft and feature a unique moisture barrier that helps keep the sensitive skin in your intimate area free from irritation. Of course, the pads also offer maximum absorbency which a must after delivery.

If you want a pad that acts more like a cushion to comfortably protect after giving birth, the Covidien Curity Maternity Pad is a great option.

Things to Keep in Mind

These pads work and look similar to the ones you get in the hospital after giving birth. However, they are a more manageable size which makes them a discreet choice for new moms.

Who’s it Best for?

If you want maximum absorbency at an inexpensive price, you can’t go wrong with the Covidien Curity Maternity Pad.

Always Maxi Overnight Extra Flow with Wings

When it comes to postpartum bleeding, gravity is not your friend. At night when you sleep, heavy discharge can seep past inefficient pads. That’s why you need heavy duty pads designed for night wear. Always Maxi Overnight Extra Flow with Wings is an unscented pad available in two 20-count packs for just under $18.

Always calls this overnight pad their longest pad, measuring 15 inches for maximum protection as you rest. Not only is it longer than most standard pads, it also features an extra wide back to prevent seepage and clothing stains.

Its raised LeakGuard core creates a custom fit against the body for optimal comfort and absorbs within seconds for up to 10 hours of protection.

Mother Rising named the Always-brand pads in their ‘Best Postpartum Pads for the First Six Weeks’ article, saying: “These are the big guns, but don’t feel too big or bulky when wearing them.”

Things to Keep in Mind

While these pads claim to be unscented, they do tend to have a slight scent to them. If you don’t mind the soft scent, then these may work well for you.

Who’s it Best for?

The Always Maxi Overnight Extra Heavy Flow with Wings pads are an excellent choice for postpartum women struggling with bleeding in the first few weeks following delivery. The size and absorbency of the pads make them the ideal tool for protection at night.

TENA Serenity Overnight Ultimate

Best Pads for Postpartum Bleeding TenaWhile more costly than other options, the TENA Serenity Overnight Ultimate pad offers exceptional protection from moisture issues such as incontinence and postpartum bleeding. These overnight maxi pads come in a pack of 2 and each pack contains 28 pads.

The pads are made from 100 percent cotton and feature a longer and wider design to help prevent leaks when lying down. The uniquely designed top sheet quickly absorbs liquids, providing hours of protection as you rest.

The top-selling overnight pads are designed to protect from moderate to heavy leakage. You can find these pads in multi-packs to save time on shipping.

Things to Keep in Mind

These pads have recently undergone some changes, making them lighter yet just as effective.

Who’s it Best for?

The TENA Serenity Overnight Ultimate Pads are a great option for moms who don’t mind spending a little extra on quality postpartum pads.

Poise Incontinence Pads

Best Pads for Postpartum Bleeding Poise

Poise is known for creating quality products, and the Poise Incontinence Pads are no different. For moms who experience moderate bleeding postpartum, these moderate absorbency pads offer adequate coverage. The pads are available in regular or long length and contain 66 pads in a pack.

With the Poise Incontinence Pads, moms can stay 3x drier compared to standard period-only pads. Poise pads feature Absorb-Loc core which quickly absorbs wetness and odors.  The discreet pads are unscented and fragrance-free, a must-have for women with sensitive skin.

Very Well named the Poise Incontinency Pads in their ‘Best Pads for Postpartum Bleeding’ article, saying: “Poise pads were originally meant for urinary incontinence. Many new moms have found that when the bleeding is at its heaviest in the first few days of postpartum, these bigger, more absorbent pads do the trick.”

Things to Keep in Mind

These Poise Incontinence Pads can be a little bulky, but for many women dealing with postpartum bleeding, thicker is better. These pads are a great choice during those first few days after delivery when bleeding is at its heaviest.

Who’s it Best for?

If you want a discreet, yet thick and absorbent pad that can handle your postpartum bleeding, I highly recommend Poise.

Postpartum bleeding is never fun, but it can be made more comfortable with the right pads. Experiment with different brands and styles to find a pad that meets your needs.


Liz Coyle

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