The Best Shoes for Toddler with Flat Feet

Many toddlers are flat-footed when learning how to walk. Learn what to look for in a shoe to encourage healthy foot development.


Babies are often born with flat feet, a condition in which the entire sole of the foot comes in contact with the floor. It’s not uncommon for flat feet to persist into early childhood, generally dissipating around six years of age, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

To create an environment that encourages the development of a natural arch, many parents seek supportive shoes made from lightweight materials with a firm heel counter. The proper footwear is critical for preventing foot and leg pain while promoting healthy foot growth.

Providing your toddler with a quality pair of shoes will allow him to walk and run with less pain and more precision. Pay close attention when choosing shoes for your toddler as not all footwear provides adequate support and cushioning for flat feet.

Best Shoes for Toddler with Flat Feet

What to Look For

Your active toddler needs a pair of shoes that will allow him to walk, run, jump, and play with ease. Learn what features to look for in shoes for a toddler with flat feet.

Correct Size

Choosing the correct size shoe is crucial for the healthy development of your little one’s feet. Leave some room in the front of the toes to accommodate for growth. However, too much extra room can compromise your child’s stability. In addition to finding the right length, also match your child’s foot width to a shoe with an accommodating width.

Adequate Support

Toddlers with flat feet often need more foot and ankle support. Choose a shoe that offers good arch support, ankle support, and a firm heel counter. The shoe should also be flexible enough to allow for the comfortable movement of the feet and toes.

Lightweight and Breathable

Shoes that are too heavy can be uncomfortable for toddlers with flat feet, especially if they are already experiencing the symptoms of their condition.

Opt for a pair of shoes that are lightweight and breathable. If possible, use breathable, seamless socks under the shoes to allow your toddler to gain the full benefits of their new footwear.

Stride Rite Claire Mary Jane

Best Shoes for Toddler with Flat Feet Stride Rite

While at home or on-the-go, what’s on your toddler’s feet makes all the difference in her development. The Stride Rite Claire Mary Jane is a versatile, everyday shoe for girls of all ages. Available in toddler, little kid, and big kid sizes, the durable shoe offers strength and durability as your toddler’s arch develops over time.

The imported leather shoe can be found in navy, black, or brown and features a rubber sole and non-marking rubber outsole. Inside is a padded collar to ensure optimal comfort for your toddler as she runs and plays. The lightweight shoe provides a great grip to keep your little one’s feet firmly on the ground, while offering adequate support with its hook-and-loop closure.

Flat Feet Running Shoes Guide names the Stride Rite Claire Mary Jane one of the best shoes for children with flat feet.

“These shoes are perfect because they mimic the always popular and stylish Mary Jane shoe while providing the comfort and support that a child with flat feet needs in a shoe.”

Things to Keep in Mind

Most customers found that these shoes to fit true to size. However, it’s always a good idea to follow the size chart provided by the manufacturer for the perfect fit.

Who’s it Best for?

The Stride Rite Claire Mary Jane is recommended for toddlers who need extra support in the foot area but do not want to sacrifice style.

DADAWEN Mesh Light Weight Sneakers

Best Shoes for Toddler with Flat Feet Dadawen

Skip laces in favor of a convenient slip-on shoe that also supports your toddler’s flat feet. The DADAWEN Mesh Light Weight Sneakers is available in a variety of sizes and color combinations for both boys and girls.

The synthetic shoe is comfortable, soft, and breathable which are essential features in a child’s shoe. The mesh material quickly absorbs sweat and their lightweight nature allows your toddler to easily run and play. These adorable shoes are also wear-resistant with non-slip soles for safety.

Great for everyday wear and in all seasons, the DADAWEN Mesh Light Weight Sneakers hold up well to walking, running, camping, and a variety of other activities.

Things to Keep in Mind

These sneakers feature a CN size, which have been converted to U.S. sizes for your convenience. Be sure to follow the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer.

Who’s it Best for?

These colorful shoes are recommended for parents in search of a durable shoe for their toddler with flat feet – all for under $15.

Robeez All Star Rodney Blue Crib Shoe

Best Shoes for Toddler with Flat Feet Robeez

Designed for infants and toddlers, the Robeez All Star Rodney Blue Crib Shoe is best suited for toddlers who desire more flexibility in a shoe. The soft 100 percent leather and suede shoe provides the perfect balance of stability, comfort, and flexibility. You can also feel good knowing that the shoe is approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

The adorable shoe for little boys features non-slide suede soles, stich and turn full suede outsole, and flexible leathers that bend in all directions to keep your toddler comfy and happy. Faux eyelet and laces mean less time tying shoes and more time focusing on your child’s development. An elasticized ankle band keeps the shoe firmly in place.

Dinosaur Physical Therapy in Washington DC recommends Robeez shoes as they promote natural foot function and are made of high-quality leather. With their non-slip outsole, the shoes also help prevent your toddler from slipping both indoors and out.

Things to Keep in Mind

Note that these are fabric crib shoes, meaning they are not suitable for playing for extended periods of time in the rain or snow as moisture will seep through. However, they are great for any type of indoor play.

Who’s it Best for?

The Robeez All Star Rodney Blue Crib Shoe is recommended for toddlers up to 4 years old.

Sperry Halyard Hook & Loop Boat Shoe

Best Shoes for Toddler with Flat Feet Sperry

Made of durable fabric in multiple colors, the Sperry Halyard Hook & Loop Boat Shoe provides comfort and durability in an everyday shoe.

The imported fabric shoe is made of strong canvas that won’t irritate the foot. Dual hook-and-loop straps provide adequate foot and ankle support, while heel bumpers protect the back of the foot from injury during play.

Not only are these shoes stylish for fashionable toddlers, they also feature a high-lined rubber sole and a padded topline for comfort during each step.

Things to Keep in Mind

The canvas material is not as breathable as other fabric options but is suitable for toddlers who don’t sweat much.

Who’s it Best for?

The Sperry Halyard Hook & Loop Boat Shoe is recommended for toddlers up to 4 years of age. With convenient Velcro straps, they are also great for kids learning how to dress themselves.

Saucony Jazz Hook & Loop Sneaker

Best Shoes for Toddler with Flat Feet Sacony

Available in color combinations for both boys and girls, the Saucony Jazz Hook & Loop Sneaker is a versatile shoe for toddlers and little kids who require extra foot support.

The stylish sneaker is constructed of soft suede and nylon for maximum comfort. With its low profile and rubber sole, the shoe is suitable for all of your little one’s daily activities, whether it’s running around outdoors or scooting around the house. The rubber outsole is non-marking and the hook-and-loop closure results in a secure fit.

Saucony is a known name in the running shoe industry, often used by top athletes. The brand also creates a successful line of children’s shoes equipped with sole-based stability and a superior cushioning system.

Love to Know recommends the Saucony Jazz Hook & Loop Sneakers due to their affordable price, breathability, and flexible rubber outsoles.

“They are so comfortable that even your barefoot-loving toddler wouldn’t mind sporting these around the playground, and they come in plenty of different shades for boys and girls.”

Things to Keep in Mind

These shoes are very lightweight, which is ideal for toddlers with flat feet. If you prefer a heavier shoe, these are not for you.

Who’s it Best for?

These vibrantly-colored shoes are recommended for toddlers up to 4 years of age. They’re also a great option for parents who want a wide selection of color choices.

If your toddler has been diagnosed with flat feet, know you’re not alone. Many toddlers have this condition, but most grow out of it. In the meantime, provide your child with a pair of quality shoes that will support his developing arch.


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