The 5 Best Toddler Bikes with Training Wheels to Help Your Child Master Riding

For most toddlers, a bike with training wheels is the first step in learning to ride. The right bike will encourage little ones to propel themselves along and develop a sense of balance.


Most children have enough balance and coordination to ride on two-wheels by 4 or 5 years of age, according to Better Homes & Gardens. Before then, they rely on training wheels to keep them upright.

My daughter was just two years old when she showed interest in riding a bike. After seeing her older brother zipping up and down the driveway, she begged me for a bike of her own.

If you’re in the market for a bike for your toddler, take the time to consider various features. Head to your local bike shop and you’ll discover children’s bikes in various colors, sizes, weights, and designs.

Frame size is one of the most important aspects, as you don’t want a bike that’s too big or too small.

“When choosing a grown up bike, we use the size of the frame as our reference point,” says Euan McKenzie of “But when it comes to kids bikes, we actually use the diameter of the wheel as the reference point. Roughly speaking, 12 inch wheels are designed for kids starting off biking and who are on average between 3-5 years of age.”

Best Toddler Bikes with Training Wheels

What to Look for in Toddler Bikes with Training Wheels

Learn what other features you should look for, as well as our top picks for best toddler bikes with training wheels.


Most parents buying  a bike for their child for the first time struggle with knowing which size to choose. The chart below should be a helpful tool in  picking the right size toddler bike.


Lighter is better. Under 25 lbs is key to your little one can handling the bike with ease. The ideal weight is one-third of your child’s weight – so for my  nearly 3 year-old, 40 lbs son, the ideal weight would be approximately 13 lbs.


A bikes geometry can determine so much about the riders over experience and how comfortable the rider will feel. For toddlers just gaining the confidence to ride on their own and soon without training wheels, you can see how important good geometry can be. Whiles there are various factors in taking into account a bike geometry, the most important for toddlers is the handlebar height compared to the seat height. Look for mid-rise bars to avoid putting any strain on your toddlers neck or back.


There are two types of breaks to consider when choosing a bike for your child, Coaster breaks and hand breaks. Coaster brakes are applied by rotating the pedals in reverse until the rear tire brake engages. While hand breaks are applied by squeezing a break located on the handlebars, which triggers a rear tire break. Most experts agree, that people (including toddlers) have faster hand reflexes than leg reflexes and therefore a hand break is preferred.

Seat height

Adjustable seat heights are key as we all know how quickly toddlers grow. Choosing a bike with an adjustable seat will ensure that your son or daughter, will ride the bike you choose for years to come.

RoyalBaby Stargirl Girl’s Bike

Best Toddler Bikes with Training Wheels Royal

After graduating from a trike, your toddler may be ready for her first “big girl” bike. The RoyalBaby Stargirl Girl’s Bike with Training Wheels is the perfect starter bike.

This adorable bike with training wheels is available in vibrant blue or pink and features a matching woven basket to boot. You’ll find the bike in 12-inch, 14-inch, and 16-inch options to accommodate children of all ages. The 12-inch is suitable for most 2 to 4 year olds whose height measures between 33 and 41 inches.

Out of the box the bike is 95 percent assembled. Just install the training wheels, saddle, handlebar and pedals. We also love that the bike has two breaks – a front caliber brake and a rear coaster brake. The combination is ideal for little ones learning how to stop.

The RoyalBaby bike features a quick release seat post that makes it easy to adjust the saddle height, allowing your toddler to enjoy the bike for years to come. The training wheels can also be removed for when your little one is ready to try riding a two-wheeler.

With its cute design and outstanding quality, it’s no wonder why this bike topped the list of ‘Best Bikes for Kids’ by Parents Magazine.

Things to Keep in Mind

When we first received the bike, we found that the pedals were a little stiff and difficult for my daughter to push without help. However, after riding for a few days they had loosened up and she was riding without issue.

Who’s it Best for?

The RoyalBaby Stargirl bike is recommended for parents who want a low-maintenance kid’s bike under $100. As this bike is mostly preassembled, you can put it together in just a few minutes and your toddler is ready to ride like the wind.

ByK E-250 Kid’s Bike

The Best Toddler Bike with Training Wheels

Sometimes a little help from mom or dad goes a long way. With its detachable push handle, your toddler will feel secure in his abilities to ride the ByK E-250 Kid’s Bike.

Available in blue, lilac, and pink, this unisex children’s bike features 14-inch wheels, a 6.5-inch lightweight alloy frame, and a low-gravity concept design that keeps your toddler close to the ground and out of harm’s way.

In addition to alloy brake levers in the front, the bike has rear coaster brakes to make stopping a cinch. A comfort mini saddle provides a comfortable place to sit as your toddler practices riding, and the alloy V-bars are easy to grip and provide a sturdy base for little hands.

The ByK Kid’s Bike also includes a stem pad, quick release seat post, and bell. Due to its petite size, Two Wheeling Tots recommends this bike to toddlers just starting out. At just 15 pounds, this lightweight bike is perfect for children ages 3 through 5.

Things to Keep in Mind

This bike is a little pricier than other options on the market. However, the quality is definitely superb. If you have the extra cash, it’s well worth the splurge.

Who’s it Best for?

The ByK E-250 Kid’s Bike is best suited for children who need some reassurance from mom or dad. The push handle will encourage your little one to ride knowing you’re right there to cheer him on.

RoyalBaby Space No. 1 Aluminum Kid’s Bike

Best Toddler Bikes with Training Wheels Space

The RoyalBaby Space no. 1 is the ‘Best Reviewed’ children’s bike on Consumer Search. “Lightweight but not too pricey, the RoyalBaby Space No. 1 is a solid choice for parents who want their tots to start on a pedal bike as young as possible.”

Make your toddler’s first experience on a real bike a memorable one. The Space No. 1 has all the bells and whistles you’re looking for to ensure that your kid rides in style. From its hydroformed aluminum frame to its steel 16 hole rims with rubber wide knobby tires, the toddler bike offers an excellent blend of looks and durability.

You’ll find the RoyalBaby bike in a range of colors and sizes, starting from 12-inches. The bike also comes with extras like a water bottle, cage, bell, and heavy duty training wheels. You’ll also find all the assembly tools included.

Things to Keep in Mind

Note that the cover on the chain and rear sprocket is not removable. This can make service and occasional maintenance difficult, but certainly not impossible.

Who’s it Best for?

The RoyalBaby Space No. 1 Aluminum Kid’s Bike is recommended for children three and up. If your little one is a little rough on his toys, the bike’s heavy duty training wheels may also come in handy.

Disney Frozen 12-Inch Bike

Best Toddler Bikes with Training Wheels Frozen

Give your little princess the gift of a new bike with training wheels. The Disney Frozen 12-inch Bike by Huffy is recommended for ages 3 through 5 with a rider height of 37 to 42 inches.

If your little girl loves Frozen, she’ll go crazy for the fun graphics of Elsa, Anna, and Olaf printed on the bike’s frame and removable, neoprene handlebar bag. To top it off, the bike also sports shimmering streamers and hearts and crowns patterns on the grips. It’s a must-have for that girly girl in your life.

The Huffy Disney Frozen 12” Bike also made the top of the list for ‘Best Kids Bicycles 2017’ by Mommyhood101. “With the bright frosty teal and purple colors, the front Frozen basket, and the handlebar tassels, it doesn’t get much cuter.”

The Disney Frozen Bike also features 12-inch by 1.75-inch snowflake-white sidewalk tires and a padded seat with Elsa’s magnificent ice castle in view. The bike’s “Y” frame is highly durable and is backed by a limited lifetime frame warranty.

As a parent, you’ll love the chain guard that prevents little feet from catching the chain while pedaling. You’ll also love the adjustable seat that grows with your child, ensuring years of use.

Things to Keep in Mind

While certainly not a deal breaker, know that this bike does not come preassembled. However, the bike comes together in just five easy steps. All you need is an adjustable wrench.

Who’s it Best for?

The Disney Frozen 12-inch Bike is recommended for children age’s three to five. Of course, it’s also the ultimate bike for toddlers who love Disney’s Frozen.

Yamaha Moto Child’s BMX Bike

Best Toddler Bikes with Training Wheels Yamaha

Just one look and you’ll see this isn’t your ordinary child’s bike. The Yamaha Moto Child’s BMX Bike has a dirt bike look but with training wheels instead of a motor.

The stylish bike sells for under $75 and assembles in just 30 minutes, according to who named the Yamaha bike with training wheels in its ‘50 Best Bikes for Kids’ list.

With its steel fork frame, motocross style brakes, steel handlebars, and 16-spoke steel rims, this bike is built to last.

Its 12-inch size is perfect for toddlers starting out at the wee age of two. Plastic mini pedals provide just the right amount of room for little feet and the rubber grip handles offer a sturdy place to grasp while riding.

Things to Keep in Mind

This bike weighs slightly more than your average children’s bike at 29 pounds. However, the overall design of this adorable motocross bike makes up for the extra weight.

Who’s it Best for?

The Yamaha Moto Child’s BMX Bike is an excellent choice for kids who love outdoor sports, especially motocross. It’s also an affordable option for families on a budget.

Learning how to ride a bike is a rite of passage for kids. Start your toddler off on the right foot with a bike with training wheels that will give him the confidence to ride on his own.


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