The 5 Best Touch and Feel Books for Babies

Develop your baby’s sense of touch with touch and feel books. These interactive books encourage babies to explore the world around them.

Babies love to reach out and grab anything and everything. Touch and feel books provide an outlet for your little one’s curiosity. While reading the words, allow your baby to run her hand across the various textures found inside the books.

From fluffy chicks to rubber balls, each page has a different surface for your baby to discover. Touch and feel books also develop other important skills in young children.

“Babies love to observe,” says Scholastic. “Every time you read to your baby, you reinforce basic reading concepts, such as turning pages and following text from left to right. As you read a book together, point to the pictures, name them, and talk about them. As your infant grows, he will imitate you by turning pages or pointing to objects.”

Babies love using their hands to explore. That is why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best touch and feel books for you and your child to enjoy together.

Best Touch and Feel Books for Babies

Touch and Feel Book Features


Babies are tough on books. Choose books constructed from hard cardboard or another durable material.

Large Pictures

Your baby won’t notice the smaller details. Books with large, simple pictures are best.

Variety of Textures

Avoid books with similar textures on every page. Instead, look for books that offer completely different textures from page to page.

Fun Themes

Choose a book theme that you believe may interest your child. For example, if your baby loves going to the zoo, opt for a book of zoo animals.

1. Baby Touch and Feel: Animals

Best Touch and Feel Books for Babies Animals

Simple, yet adorable, Baby Touch and Feel Animals is a best seller with plenty of colorful pictures and textures to keep your baby engaged. The small touch and feel board book is the perfect way to introduce your baby to different types of animals found around the world.

Baby Touch and Feel Animals comes in at number 7 on the ‘10 Best Touch and Feel Books of 2017’ at The USA Today book helps little ones develop fine motor skills as they feel pages adorned with cute puppies, kittens, monkeys, and penguins.

The padded front cover of the book is resistant to withstand throwing and biting. Inside, the sturdy board pages won’t easily tear. Each animal picture is accompanied with large lettering to encourage early reading skills.

Baby Touch and Feel Animals has sold more than one million copies. It deserves a place on your baby’s bookshelf.

Things to Keep in Mind

Some of the pages feature smaller areas to feel. However, searching for the textured part of the page can be fun for little fingers.

Who’s it Best for?

This book is recommended for parents who are interested in encouraging sensory developing, early reading skills, and language skills from an early age.

2. Pat the Bunny

Best Touch and Feel Books for Babies Pat

Pat the Bunny is one of the bestselling children’s books of all time. The adorable bunny book offers babies and toddlers an engaging touch and feel experience. Simple pictures and short sentences make this the perfect book for non-readers.

This popular touch and feel book has been baby’s first book for more than 75 years. Each page offers baby a new texture to feel.

Pat the Bunny is a Little Golden Books book, one of the most favored series of all time.

Things to Keep in Mind

The plastic comb binding tends to be a little more flimsy than the hardcover. If possible, spend the few extra bucks and get the hardcover.

Who’s it Best for?

Pat the Bunny is recommended for children 1 to 3 years of age. It’s also a great starter touch and feel book for babies who enjoy looking at picture books and touching the pages.

3. Elmer’s Touch and Feel World

Best Touch and Feel Books for Babies Elmer

Share the colorful world of Elmer and his friends with your baby. Elmer’s Touch and Feel World contains fun, vibrant concepts that parents and children can enjoy together.

Featured on Savvy Auntie’s ‘7 Best Touch and Feel Interactive Books for Infants and Babies’, Elmer’s Touch and Feel World offer an excellent introduction to learning through play.

“The book follows the very colorful patchwork elephant, Elmer. Together, the stimulating colors and touch-and-feel pages guarantee to keep baby’s attention while learning colors.”

Each page is splashed with beautiful color with painted, textured, and airbrushed surfaces.

Things to Keep in Mind

Remember that your baby might not understand the story, but that’s okay. He’ll love looking at the colorful pictures and feeling the pages.

Who’s it Best for?

Elmer’s Touch and Feel World board book is perfect for babies and toddlers, in addition to any child who adores colorful illustrations.

4. Bedtime (Baby Touch & Feel)

Best Touch and Feel Books for Babies Bedtime

End each evening by reading Bedtime with your little one. This baby touch and feel book is a best-seller with padded covers, simple images, and textured pages.

Even the youngest of children can appreciate the adorable pictures in Bedtime. From cuddly teddy bears to plush baby dolls, this book is sure to leave your baby falling asleep with a smile on her face.

The board book features 14 colorful pages. Each page says a phrase, along with simple words that describe the picture.

Things to Keep in Mind

Note that the book is fairly small, and therefore the touch and feel areas are also tiny. However, that doesn’t deter from the fun of the book.

Who’s it Best for?

Bedtime is recommended for babies and toddlers. It’s also a great starter book for children learning basic language skills.

5. Tails

Best Touch and Feel Books for Babies TailsFrom fur-covered tigers to peacocks with long, colorful feathers, Tails offers a glimpse of what some of your baby’s favorite animals actually feel like. The vibrant collection of animal pictures offers babies and toddlers the chance to feel, tug, and even scratch and sniff some pages.

Tails has been featured on Fatherly’s ‘8 Touch & Feel Books for Your Baby’ and remains a favorite among parents everywhere.

While some tails are furry and others shiny, your baby will love looking at and touching the different animal tails while listening to the words of the story.

Things to Keep in Mind

This book contains tabs that can be easily ripped off by babies and toddlers. This is a book that should be read together and safely stored while not in use to avoid damage.

Who’s it Best for?

This book is best suited for babies and toddlers up to 5 years old. It’s also an excellent read for any child who loves animals.

While your baby isn’t old enough to read yet, he can enjoy interactive touch and feel books. Allow your little one the chance to use his hands to explore different textures as you read the story aloud.

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