The Best Travel Beds for Restful Vacations with Your Baby

Traveling with babies can be difficult, but having a good sleep situation for your little one goes a long way.


Baby travel beds are ideal for vacations, nights away from home and visiting friends or family. The bed is portable and easily folds up into a compact size. Ideally, it’s not just a place for your baby to sleep but also a safe area that he can play as well.

What is a Baby Travel Bed?

A travel bed is a lightweight portable crib that is usually designed for babies two and under. Some of the models serve a dual purpose and can also be used as a playpen. When opened up, it provides a safe, clean environment for your baby to nap, sleep, or play.

Offers Versatility

Many parents also use the travel bed at home as a simple playpen or for napping. You can place the bed in any room of the house and quickly move it whenever necessary.

Hotel Crib Problems

Many people mistakenly believe that all hotels provide portable cribs. Unfortunately, very few actually do and, even if they do, the cribs are often uncomfortable, outdated, and bulky.

Here are a few reasons why you might not want your baby sleeping in a hotel crib.

  • Safety Concerns: The crib may not be up-to-date with the latest safety standards. Cribs are also sometimes recalled because of safety issues but a hotel might be lax about staying informed about such recalls.
  • Availability: Often the crib you requested is not readily available even if you do reserve one ahead of time at the hotel.
  • Extended Wait: If you are checking into a hotel late at night, you might not want the headache of waiting for the hotel’s staff to bring you the hotel’s crib.

Best Travel Beds for Babies

Features to Look for in Your Travel Bed

Ease of Use

The travel bed should be lightweight, compact, and easily fold out. When traveling you should never have to spend hours setting up a portable crib and it should require no tools to assemble.

It should also fold up easily and quickly. Ideally, it will also come with a travel bag with a strap that you can slip it into after it is completely folded into a compact size.


The bed must be small and lightweight enough to easily carry it up hotel stairs or into a small confined space such as an elevator. It should fit effortlessly into the trunk of a car, even a tiny car.

However, when fully assembled, it must be spacious enough to easily fit your baby. If you travel a lot by air then you want a small bed that is very portable and compact. You don’t want to check a big, bulky bed and have to carry such an item through the airport


Whatever portable travel bed you decide to purchase for your baby must meet or exceed all safety specification set forth by the American Standard.

Remember, that some units have a better safety rating than others. Ideally, you should pick the one with the highest safety rating.


Your baby needs to be comfortable in order to attain a good night’s sleep. The bed should have adequate firm padding to give your baby’s body the support it requires. Most babies love a cushiony bed.

Dimensions and Size

Obviously, all manufacturers work hard to design portable baby beds that will adequately fit your infant’s overall size. Some parents like a small portable bed that they can place on the bed beside them and others like a large on that can double as a playpen.

Ultimately, it’s about taste so whatever size is easy for you to carry, assemble, and disassemble will work best.


Lightweight is best when it comes to a portable crib. You never know how far you will have to carry the crib or how many stairs you will have to climb. Weight is very important when it comes to the overall portability of the crib.


The choice of material ultimately boils down to taste. Some parents enjoy a lightweight material and other want a strong material that will stand up to abuse. Typically, most travel cribs are made out of canvas or nylon material that is durable and breaths well.


Many new parents pick a travel bed based on price and there is nothing wrong with watching your pennies. If this is the situation, then you might want to opt to buy a travel bed that is big enough to double as a playpen.

Yes, those types of beds are often more money but, ultimately, you will be saving money because you won’t have to purchase two separate items, a travel crib and a playpen.

Age Range

Do you want a travel bed that is big enough for you to use when your baby enters toddlerhood or are you just looking for an infant-sized bed?

1. Baby Bjorn Travel Crib

Best Travel Beds for Babies Bijorn

This is a great lightweight and well-designed portable crib. It is a fantastic bed and also doubles as a playpen. Yes, it is large but it’s also lightweight at only 12 pounds.

It’s really unbelievable that such as lightweight design is so sturdy, but this crib is hands-down one of the toughest cribs/playpens on the market. This item will undoubtedly last through several children because of its premium workmanship.

Asher and Lyric list this travel crib as their top choice and they have nothing bad to say about the item.

Things to Keep in Mind

The Baby Bjorn crib opens and folds out in less than ten minutes. It is super easy and with a little practice, you can cut that set up time in half. The mattress is plush and will undoubtedly give your little one a good night’s sleep.

Who’s it Best for?

This bed will last until your baby reaches two years old easily. It is large and well-built. It does have a more expensive price tag than other portable cribs but the quality put into this item’s design makes it worth every penny.

2. 3 in 1 by Lullababy Travel Crib

Best Travel Beds for Babies Lullababy

The 3 in 1 by Lullababy Travel Crib is more than just a crib. It is a changing table and also folds into a bag that holds all of your baby essentials.

This item is great if you are planning to fly or if space in your care is limited. The Baby Gear Specialist lists this item as their top choice for 2017.

Things to Keep in Mind

Because the bed also folds into a changing table, it is made from stain resistant and waterproof material so inadvertent spills and diaper leaks can be quickly cleaned up. The sides are mesh so your baby can easily breathe during the night.

It does have a perfumed odor that is supposed to be pleasing but many people don’t like. The item is extremely lightweight and weighs less than five pounds.

Who’s it Best for?

This bed is great if you travel a lot and you want a bed that serves multiple purposes. It features an adjustable shoulder strap that is heavily padded so it’s comfortable when you are on the go.

Unfortunately, its small size means that your baby will grow out of it quickly. The bed’s manufacturer states that it is made for infants one year and younger. It does have a higher price tag but it is very well made.

3. Guava Family Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib

travel bed for baby

The Guava Family Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib also doubles as a playpen. You can climb right into the crib with the baby to play, breastfed or just sit with your little one. The side zips down to allow you easy access. Baby List picked this crib as one of their top choices for 2017.

Things to Keep in Mind

Nobody wants to carry a heavy travel crib and you might have some concerns over this crib because of its large size but, rest assured, it is a very lightweight design. The crib weighs 13 pounds and easily slips into its storage carry bag.

The crib is made of a lightweight mesh material that is completely removable and can be washed. It is designed to breathe and allow your baby to see out. The mattress does lay directly on the floor and that is a feature some parents do not like.

Who’s it Best for?

This travel crib is wonderful if you are looking for a crib/playpen. Its roomy, comfortable, lightweight, and folds quickly into a compact size. It has a modestly high price tag but it is built to last and big enough for a toddler.

4. Phil & Ted’s Traveller Full Size Travel Bed

phil and ted baby bed

This travel bed is fantastic for infants from birth all the way up to age three. Its roomy and easily doubles as a playpen. The most amazing part about the bed is that it weighs only 7 pounds.

You might hesitate because it is so lightweight when compared to other brands, but this travel bed is very well made and should easily last through multiple babies. Travels With Baby recommends this crib as one of their top choices.

Things to Keep in Mind

The bed measures 51″ x 24.8″ x 31″ when open. It has an open mesh design so your baby can see what’s going on. The side panel unzips to allow you to easily reach down to pick up your baby. It comes with an easy carrying case that features a large shoulder strap. The entire bed weighs about 14 pounds.

Who’s it Best for?

This travel crib is wonderful to take to a hotel room, a park, or just have in your living room for your baby to play within or nap. It is modestly priced and very affordable.

5. Graco Travel Lite Crib

graco light baby travel bed

The Graco Travel Lite crib can fit an infant all the way up into toddlerhood. You remove the various compartments to make room as your baby grows. The crib even has an attached mobile to keep your baby entertained.

The entire bed is made of netting to allow ample airflow and also so your baby can see out. The mattress is firm and even somewhat hard.

Things to Keep in Mind

The travel crib is very sturdy but that makes it a bit heavier than other models. It weighs 20 pounds. The bed is easily to assemble and disassemble.

Who’s it Best for?

This crib is ideal if you want a travel bed that can be used from the time your infant is newborn through his toddlerhood. The bed is very affordable compared to other similar models made by different manufactures.


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