The 10 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Pregnant Wife

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, many husbands strive to find the perfect gift for their wives. When a woman is pregnant, finding that perfect Valentine’s Day gift may be a tad more difficult, as the holiday is extra special and men may feel more pressure to get things right. But husbands, don’t break into a sweat just yet! Here are some ideas to help you in your hunt.

If your wife is expecting and you want to make this Valentine’s Day a holiday she’ll cherish and remember forever, here are some ideas for gifts to give to your lovely lady.

Our Favorite Valentine’s Day Gifts For Expecting Wives

1. A Cute Maternity Tee Or Dress

Express your affection with a cute maternity tee or dress and put a smile on your wife’s face. Motherhood Maternity has some nice options.

valentines day gifts for pregnant wife
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2. Something Adorable For Your New Arrival

Be extra sweet and give your wife a gift for your little one. Making cupcake onesies is a super cute idea.

Check out the tutorial here. Package the onesies in faux bakery boxes and roll them up to look like cupcakes. You can also buy them ready-made on websites like

valentine day gifts for expecting wife
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3. A Spa Day Or A Prenatal Massage

Give your girl the gift of relaxation. A spa day or a prenatal massage is sure to be a big hit with the mama-to-be.

4. A New Pair Of Comfy Maternity Pants

I absolutely loved the maternity yoga pants my husband bought me when I was pregnant. I practically lived in them and they also made my bump feel secure and comfortable. These are a must-have in any pregnant woman’s wardrobe!

valentines day gifts for wife
Source: Motherhood Maternity

5. An Unforgettable Night Out

Pregnant or not, most women love the chance to get dressed up and spend a night out on the town. Book tickets to the theater, take her out to a fancy dinner, surprise her with a night at the orchestra or recreate your first date.

You might get bonus points if you do it wearing this fun t-shirt. Another idea? This might be the perfect time to take a surprise weekend babymoon, depending on how far along your wife is.

6. Something To Satisfy Her Sweet Tooth

Flowers are nice on Valentine’s Day, but how about kicking things up a notch? Instead of giving your wife flowers this year, how about gifting her with a beautiful chocolate bouquet?

She, and her baby bump, will thank you. has some great options.
valentines day gifts for expecting wives

7. Hire A Cleaning Service

Carrying around a baby is rewarding, but tiring! I remember toward the end of my pregnancy I was so exhausted. Though I’d had a lot of energy up to that point, and had been “nesting” for quite awhile getting the house ready, there came a point where I felt like I wanted to do nothing but lay on the couch.

During those times, it was difficult to keep the house as tidy as I would have liked. A great gift idea would be to give your wife a certificate for cleaning service before or after baby arrives.

Check out for more info.

8. Buy Her A Pregnancy Journal

Another thoughtful gift idea is a pregnancy journal. Your wife has a lot on her mind during this time and a journal is a good way for her to reflect on her pregnancy and the new life she carries.

It’s also a great tool for letting out those special feelings. I loved writing in my pregnancy journal and hope that one day it will be a sentimental keepsake for my daughter.

expecting wives valentines day gifts
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9. Make A DIY Relaxation Kit

If you’re the crafty sort — or want to attempt to be — you can put together a pamper package for your wife. Think of items that may help her relax, such as spa goodies, essential oils safe for pregnant women, bath salts and soaps.

Add the items to a pretty basket trimmed with a bow. If you’re feeling extra romantic, write up a couple of coupons for a foot rub or back massage. You just might melt her heart!

10. Get Glamorous With A Professional Maternity Photo Shoot

Another fantastic Valentine’s Day gift idea for the mom-to-be is a gift certificate for a maternity photo shoot. It’s another chance for your wife to get dressed up and feel pretty. It’s also a way to freeze a very special time in both of your lives, forever.

v-day gifts for pregnant wife
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