5 Must-Have Water Shoes for Toddlers, Reviewed

Getting ready for long days at the beach? Be sure to first grab a pair of water shoes for your toddler’s safety.


If you spend time at the pool, beach or around other bodies of water, water shoes are a must. At the pool, water shoes help protect your toddler’s feet from various fungi and bacteria that tend to linger in moist areas.

At the beach, water shoes prevent your little one from injury from glass, sharp rocks, shells, or other unsuspecting hazards that lie underwater. Even if you’re familiar with the environment, water shoes can provide peace of mind. Remember that even hot sand can be dangerous for toddler’s delicate skin.

Not sure which water shoes to pick? There’s more to water shoes than just being waterproof. This versatile footwear should keep feet safe from injury, be comfortable to walk in on various surfaces, and provide stability for the foot.

Best Water Shoes for Toddlers

“When choosing a pair of water shoes that are right for you, be sure to try them on,” says Makobi Scribe. “There are a lot of styles of water shoes and they aren’t all going to work for your foot. Look for a shoe that is made by a reputable company that has experience in designing water shoes.”

What to Look for

Bare feet, flip flops, and even sneakers are not practical for children playing in the water. Water shoes are the optimal choice as they provide a sturdy and protective covering for your toddler’s delicate feet. Learn what features to look for in a pair of water shoes for your toddler.

Toe Guard

Look for a water shoe that offers a toe guard. While this feature is standard on most water shoes, there are still some manufacturers that do not offer this. Toe guards are essential for protecting the toes from injury against large rocks and other obstructions in the water.

Thick Soles

The sole of the shoe is what protects your toddler’s feet from rocks and other sharp items in the water. The thicker the sole, the more protection offered as the object must go through the sole to reach the foot. Thicker soles also provide better traction to deter against slip and falls.

Quality Materials

You can find water shoes made from a wide range of materials. Opt for a material that is both comfortable and resilient against tears. The material should be quick-drying, balance temperature well, and offer warmth.

Fresko Toddler Water Aqua Shoes with Toes

Best Water Shoes for Toddlers Fresko

Whether your toddler is jumping around on a splash pad or walking along the shoreline, water shoes are a must for all aquatic activities. The Fresko Toddler Water Aqua Shoes with Toes provide the perfect balance of stability, protection, and comfort for little feet.

The outsoles of the shoes are constructed of durable patterned rubber, providing unstable toddlers with plenty of traction around pools, at water parks, or on slippery surfaces near the beach. The water resistant neoprene upper and elastic provides a firm fit that prevents the shoe from slipping off while at play.

Choose from a selection of vibrant colors, such as grey, pink, purple, or navy. The water shoes are also machine washable. At the end of a long day in the water, throw the shoes into the washer and they’ll be ready for the next day.

Mom Loves Best even named the water shoe on ‘The 10 Best Water Shoes for Toddlers, Babies, and Kids’.

Things to Keep in Mind

Due to their firm fit, these water shoes are not well suited for toddlers with wide feet.

Who’s it Best for?

The Fresko Toddler Water Aqua Shoes with Toes are recommended for families who want an affordable water shoe that has all the right features for safety and comfort. At just under $15, the price is right.

Giotta Water Sports Barefoot Aerobic Shoes

Best Water Shoes for Toddlers Giotto

In some cases, full water shoes are not required. This may be the case if your toddler is simply swimming in his backyard pool or at a private, well-managed beach. When only light coverage is needed, the Giotta Water Sports Barefoot Aerobic Shoes are the optimal choice.

Perfect for the pool, beach, or even yoga, these water “socks” protect the feet with their anti-slip rubber sole, stretchy and breathable upper, and fast-drying properties. You can find these water socks in a wide selection of sizes and designs.

The water socks come with a breathable plastic zipper storage case to keep them safely packaged while not in use. When your toddler is ready to hit the water, the socks easily slide on while providing a firm fit. Due to the synthetic fabric upper and durable polymer sole, your toddler can easily wade through water without the socks weighing him down.

Things to Keep in Mind

It’s important to remember that these water socks are for light use. They will likely not hold up to sharp rocks and similar hazards found at beaches, rivers, and lakes.

Who’s it Best for?

The Giotta Water Sports Barefoot Aerobic Shoes are the perfect solution for toddlers who spend time playing near their family pool or other safe and supervised setting.

i play. Baby Unisex Swim Shoes

Best Water Shoes for Toddlers iplay

Protective footwear is a must for toddler’s who spend time around the water. The i play. Baby Unisex Swim Shoes help ensure your child’s wellbeing by providing adequate traction with no-slip soles and a quick dry material.

Putting the water shoes on and taking them off is a breeze. A pull loop attached to the flexible material loosens the water shoes allowing parents to put on or remove them in seconds. The shoes are made from breathable, absorbent materials that do not contain harsh chemicals.

Early Moments Matter recommends these cute yet rugged water shoes due to their affordable price and high reviews. You can find them in a variety of colors, including aqua, royal blue, green, black, pink, and hot pink.

Things to Keep in Mind

The manufacturer recommends that you hand wash these water shoes. Due to their smooth rubber sole and quick dry neoprene upper, hand washing is quick and painless.

Who’s it Best for?

The i play. Baby Unisex Swim Shoes are recommended for families who seek an affordable swim shoe that offers an adequate sole thickness and firm fit.

Speedo Exsqueeze Me Jelly Water Shoes

Best Water Shoes for Toddlers Speedo

If comfort is the main priority, try the Speedo Exsqueeze Me Jelly Water Shoes. Available in navy, green, and yellow, the super soft and flexible water shoes are ideal for use in and around water.

The unique water shoes are hydrophobic, lightweight, and feature a ventilated forefoot for easy drainage and breathability. The water friendly design is perfect for toddlers who like to run in and out of the water as the material does not absorb moisture.

Things to Keep in Mind

These water shoes tend to run a bit big. Be sure to review the sizing recommendations and adjust accordingly.

Who’s it Best for?

The Speedo Exsqueeze Me Jelly Water Shoes are recommended for toddlers who do not like to have wet feet. These water shoes dry super-fast to ensure your toddler remains comfortable and content.

Northside Brille II Water Shoes

Best Water Shoes for Toddlers Northside

For all of your family’s outdoor adventures, the Northside Brille II Water Shoe will help keep your toddler’s feet well protected. Northside footwear is built to last, whether your toddler is walking across a rocky beach or jumping into the water.

The stylish water shoes feature a bunge lace closure that keeps the shoes firmly on the feet, as well as an internal tongue for enhanced comfort. A synthetic sole helps prevent sharp objects from reaching the foot, while the breathable material keeps feet from getting too hot on even the sunniest of days.

You can find the toddler water shoes in a wide selection of sizes and color combinations.

“This is a shoe that can be used for small hiking activities or a play in the pool,” says Buzz Parent. “The drainage holes allow the passing of water to be quick and makes walking become quickly enjoyable.”

Things to Keep in Mind

These water shoes tend to run a little wide. They are not well suited for toddlers with narrow feet.

Who’s it Best for?

The Northside Brille II Water Shoe is recommended for parents who want footwear for their child that has the construction and durability of a sneaker but with the fast-drying components of a water shoe.

Long days spent at the pool or beach can be hard on little feet. Help protect your toddler against injury with a pair of quality water shoes.


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