Get answers on all your baby questions, from how much Pedialyte to give your six-month-old to other things.

When Do Babies Start Waving

When Do Babies Start Waving?

There are many exciting milestones happening during the first year of a baby’s life, and one of these shining moments is when a baby first begins to wave.

Why do Babies Fight Sleep

Why do Babies Fight Sleep?

As an adult, when you feel tired you go to sleep. It seems so easy for us and that is why many new parents are baffled about why their babies fight sleep. All babies fight sleep at some point and it is usually because they are overtired.

When Does Colic Start and End

When Does Colic Start and End?

Colic is a frustrating condition, both for parents and babies. Here’s more about when it starts, when it ends and what to do in between.

What Kind of Water Is Best for Baby Formula

What Kind of Water Is Best for Baby Formula?

When you make the decision to formula-feed, you’ll need to consider what kind of water is best for use in your baby’s bottles. Learn which types have been deemed safe for consumption by infants and which you should avoid.

What Is The Best Blanket For Swaddling

What Is The Best Blanket For Swaddling?

Many hospitals teach new parents how to swaddle their infant right after a baby is born as it can be one of the most useful tools in the new parent arsenal. But what is the best and safest blanket to use for swaddling?