Cocoon Cam Plus Review: Finding Peace of Mind

Stanford’s Packard Children’s Hospital estimates that more than 4,500 babies die from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) each year.

The actual number is difficult to pinpoint because the symptoms and causes of SIDS are still relatively unexplained, but the fact is that thousands of babies under one die each year from issues related to breathing while sleeping.

The CDC says many of these deaths are preventable, even if we don’t fully understand their causes. Programs like Safe to Sleep® have been implemented to decrease the number of SIDS-related deaths, but that doesn’t always provide enough peace of mind, particularly for first-time parents.

Fortunately for anxious parents everywhere, a new crop of baby products has hit the market to specifically alleviate these concerns. From wearables like the Owlet to activity and sleep trackers like Mimo, there are a number of products made to keep track of your baby’s wellbeing.

cocoon cam plus review
Photo source: Cocoon Cam Plus

Introducing Cocoon Cam Plus

One of the latest and most popular among parents is the Cocoon Cam Plus, the world’s first monitor that combines secure HD streaming video and real-time monitoring of your baby’s breathing.

It’s one of the most technically innovative baby products to hit the market in years, and unlike the Owlet or Mimi, it doesn’t require your baby to wear anything – a sock, tracker or wires – to see their breathing and sleeping patterns.

how cocoon cam plus works
Photo source: Cocoon Cam Plus

For that reason, it’s become a hit among parents who want the extra security without having to attach a product to their bundle of joy. It’s one of the best-selling baby products on Amazon and with stellar reviews, it’s more than just a gimmick: parents the world over are using the Cocoon Cam to get the peace of mind they need.

With real-time notifications and alerts of what your baby is doing while in the crib, the Cocoon Cam Plus offers a level of monitoring that few products offer, and because it’s so easy to set up and maintain, it’s quickly caught on with younger and first-time parents.

Why Parents Love the Cocoon Cam Plus

Unlike most breathing trackers, the Cocoon Cam Plus doesn’t need to be worn. Instead, it’s a single camera that’s mounted above the baby’s crib to monitor activity. This makes it easier to avoid problems with your baby kicking off a wearable or otherwise interrupting a monitor system. With the Cocoon Cam Plus, you get easy-to-maintain activity tracking and alerts that are reliable and convenient.

The live stream from the camera includes a breathing graph overlaid on the video, so you get a big-picture look at your baby’s breathing while keeping an eye on him or her in the moment.

cocoon cam app
Photo source: Cocoon Cam Plus

The alerts can notify you if your baby is awake, crying or moving, and these can be customized to fit your needs, or turned off entirely. The alerts can even tell you if your baby’s current position is making it difficult to read her activity, which is a helpful alternative to other systems where that might trigger a false positive.

The Cocoon Cam Plus doesn’t require a subscription or fee and runs on your home’s WiFi. You can access your feed and information from multiple devices, so if one parent is at work or traveling, both parents can tune in to see baby’s movements. Their video and feed data are secured and protected by fully-encrypted data streams, and their free app makes it easy to keep track of your baby’s nighttime activities.

The camera also works for all different types of sleepers, and although it’s most effective for babies on their backs, parents with babies who naturally sleep on their stomachs also find the camera effective. This is critical, as babies who sleep on their back have “between 1.7 and 12.9 times” of a higher risk for SIDS, says the American Academy of Pediatrics.

The Cocoon Cam Plus includes:

  • High-quality 720 HD video streaming
  • Audio and video monitoring
  • Two-way communication between app and camera
  • Real-time breathing and activity monitoring
  • Alerts and notifications related to your baby’s movements
  • Motion alert, cry detection and other real-time updates
  • Sleep analytics and real-time breathing graphs
  • High-quality 720p HD video streaming
  • Account access from multiple devices

According to the company, the Cocoon Cam has been validated by “top pediatricians” using IRB-approved studies, and it’s been named a top baby product by sites like NAPPA. It’s also a more affordable alternative to products like Owlet, Mimo, Arlo and Nanit – while offering more features.

cocoon cam comparison
Photo source: Cocoon Cam Plus

The Drawbacks

Although the Cocoon Cam Plus has above-average industry reviews, it has drawbacks like any other baby product. Here are some of the top complaints that parents have with the camera:

WiFi must be strong. A weak wireless signal may prevent the Cocoon from working perfectly, but this isn’t a problem if you have reliable Internet. You can also purchase a WiFi extender to bulk up the signal in your nursery.

Doesn’t include room temperature. Many less innovative baby monitors include the room temperature, which can help parents find the perfect comfort zone for their baby. It’s not a deal-breaker for us, but some parents find the lack of a temperature reading inconvenient.

May send false alerts. Because the camera system is mounted above the crib, it can occasionally send “false” alerts or notifications based on your baby’s position and movement. This isn’t rampant, and it’s important to remember any monitoring system you use will likely have similar issues.

App can’t record video. For some tech-savvy parents, recording video of their baby is nice to have, but the Cocoon Cam app doesn’t currently offer this feature, though it may be available in future updates.

Video stream is only available on iOS and Android devices. You can log in to your account online, but there is on online interface to watch video, so this may be inconvenient for parents who work from a computer but don’t always have phone access.

The technology can be buggy. Like any new technology to the market, there are bugs and fixes that Cocoon Cam occasionally has to work through. Fortunately, they have a great customer support team and help area online that offers answers to pressing needs. And with updates over time many of these bugs and glitches are resolved.

Who’s the Cocoon Cam Plus Best for?

Baby monitoring products like the Cocoon Cam and Owlet have started a larger debate about whether such tracking is necessary. There are those who believe they’re overkill and can even cause more stress than necessary, while others argue that the peace of mind they get from monitoring is simply priceless.

No matter what side of the debate you’re on, it’s clear that monitoring products do offer security and comfort to those who need it. For first-time parents or those who are prone to worry more than not, products like the Cocoon Cam offer a level of peace that’s difficult to match. For those parents, the Cocoon Cam is worth its weight in gold.

Many of the reviews for the camera are glowing: parents around the country find they no longer must worry about whether their baby is breathing at night. This is particularly helpful for parents with babies who have a higher risk of SIDS, or babies who were born prematurely and were monitored while in the NICU.

The Cocoon Cam isn’t made for parents who’ve seen it all and don’t care to get alerts every time their baby wakes or cries. These parents won’t find the notifications as helpful as those who need the reassurance, and for that reason the Cocoon Cam isn’t for everyone.

But those parents who want to know what’s really going on with their babies at night will find the stats, graphs and live-streaming helpful. Because it doesn’t require a monthly subscription and its cheaper than its competitors, the Cocoon Cam Plus is a cost-effective way to monitor your baby’s sleep activities without having to resort to wearable technology.


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