5 Cute Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy On Facebook

Choosing when to announce a pregnancy is a very exciting time for parents-to-be. With the rise and popularity of social media, many people are opting to make their pregnancy announcements online, to make it easy for all their family and friends to see at once.


Studies show that after the 12 or 13-week mark, it is generally safe to tell others about your pregnancy if you wish to do so.

Though the world of social media (and the revealing of personal information that comes along with it) may not for everyone, many people do love the chance to share all sorts of exciting news across social media channels such as Facebook. And news of a upcoming addition to the family is an especially fun announcement to share!

The ways to reveal a pregnancy are endless. People can can get quite creative when deciding how to break the announcement to the world.

My husband and I decided to make the announcement about the impending arrival of our new family member a little after I was 20 weeks along; though we decided not to share the sex of our child (we knew we were having a girl and wanted to keep that a surprise).

So how did we choose to reveal the good news? We simply had a photo taken in front of our barn and I tied a little chalkboard around our dog’s neck that revealed he was going to be a “big brother.”

Here was our actual announcement:

Source: Rhonda Mix

I thought our photo shoot was sweet, simple and to the point. I was especially happy about including our dog in our pregnancy announcement, since he is such a big part of our family and it would not have been right to do the shoot without him. Don’t leave your pet out if you have one!

If you are busting at the seams (maybe literally!) and can’t wait for your turn to share your pregnancy news, here are some cute announcement ideas to help get your creativity flowing.

1. Say It With Mom Jeans

Bachelor Alum Ali Fedotowsky shared this adorable photo on her Instagram account. It just goes to show that mom jeans can make a good and (positive) impressionable statement after all!

cute ways to announce facebook pregnancy
Source: @alifedotowsky

2. A Little Bit Of Foreshadowing

This great idea comes from the website Like Mother Like Daughter. To get the shadows on the barn, the couple used an off-camera flash that was angled to the side. Then, to form that fun baby bump shadow, they used a clone stamp. Very cool, different and creative!

cute way to announce pregnancy on facebook
Source: Like Mother Like Daughter

3. Air Out Your Laundry

Another great idea … air out your laundry for all to see!  This would also be a fun idea if you already have children and are expecting another. You can just add more clothes to the clothesline!

cute facebook pregnancy announcement
Source: Bonnie Hectorne Photography

4. Make It A Little Cheesy

Say it with sauce and top it with cheese – a cute way to announce your pregnancy is to turn pasta night into a photo shoot with a jar of Prego sauce. I’ve seen this done several times already, but it doesn’t seem to lose that “awww” factor.

cute fb pregnancy announcements
Source: Rachel Wynne

5. Say It With Chalk

Chalk boards and chalk art in general are quite popular ways to make a statement these days. Here’s a fun idea if you are already a mom and you are expecting another child.

cute fb announcements
Source: Rebecca Whitney Photography

If you are looking for more fun and quirky ways to make the big baby announcement to the world, be sure to check out these unique pregnancy announcement ideas.


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