10 Fun and Easy Activities For Pregnant Couples

When you’re an expecting couple, you may find that you are so busy preparing for your baby’s arrival that maybe you’ve forgotten to spend some quality time together. When baby comes, quality time together may be hard to come by for awhile, so it is important to pause and share special moments before your bundle of joy arrives.


Don’t waste alone time with your partner! While you will most definitely love those moments together as a family after your baby is in the picture, here are some activities for you to treasure now, just as a couple.

1. Have A Root Beer Tasting

You may not be able to enjoy a glass of champagne or go vineyard hopping, but you can set up a root beer tasting. Take your favorite can of root beer and pick out a selection of new brands at specialty markets that offer bottles of small batch sodas.

Then, come home and pour your drafts into fancy beer glasses. Try to guess the flavor differences.

2. Arrange A Romantic Picnic

Whether in the park during the daytime, or at night in a quiet location under the stars, having a picnic with your significant other is a timeless romantic gesture.

If you choose to plan an evening picnic, there are even apps like StarTracker or Sky Walk that can help you identify constellations and add a little extra magic to the evening.

3. Enjoy A Snuggle And Movie Marathon

It’s easy to take something as simple as cuddling on the couch and watching a movie for granted. Now is the perfect time to get your snuggle and movie fix.

Make a big batch of popcorn and spend the evening (or the day, if you’re feeling lazy) doing nothing but enjoying a movie marathon together.

4. Get Out And Explore

Rediscover the best parts of your city or visit local attractions you’ve never seen — there may be plenty to explore right in your own backyard! If you’re feeling more adventurous, take a trip to a small town an hour or so from where you live and play tourist for the day.

If you are able, it may also be the perfect time for a babymoon. My husband and I took a babymoon to a bed-and-breakfast near Galena, Illinois, during my last trimester and I have to say that it was one of the best weekends ever.

5. Play Games Together

Make a fun night of playing board games, or head out for an evening of bowling. Glow-in-the-dark or cosmic bowling can be extra fun.

6. Camp At Home

While you both may not be feeling up for an adventure in The Great Outdoors, a safer (and more relaxing option for moms-to-be) is to go camping in the backyard. Build a romantic fire and cozy up together, toast marshmallows and snuggle under the stars.

The best part? You don’t have to go to the toilet in the woods or a porta potty! A luxurious bathroom is just steps away.

7. Take A Class

Participate in an art or dancing class. Another fun idea is to book a childbirth class together. Before our daughter’s arrival, my husband and I attended a fun, all-day class at the hospital. [Click here for more class ideas]

He learned all about what a woman’s body goes through during the pregnancy process, and we both knew what to expect when the big day came. We even got to participate in activities like diapering a baby, childbirth massage and forming a dilating cervix out of play-dough.

The memory (and photo) of my husband trying to construct a cervix out of play-dough is priceless!

8. Enjoy A Fancy Dinner In – Or Out

Stay at home and cook a nice meal together, then dress up in your best finery and light a few candles. Enjoy a lovely dinner while romantic music plays in the background. Or, get dressed up and head out to that posh eatery you’ve been wanting to try for awhile.

You won’t be able to have a dinner date with just the two of you for a long time after your baby comes (unless you get a sitter, of course), so take advantage of the moment.

9. Do A Date Night With Friends

If possible, try to get a double or triple date with your friends from time to time. Child-free nights won’t happen too often and you may not see your friends as much as you used to (though if your friends have children, there will be a lot of fun get-togethers with the kids!).

10. Make A Priceless Home Video

I absolutely love this idea and wish we would have done it when I was pregnant with my daughter. The idea is to sit down with your partner and make a home video that you will be able to give to your child one day.

In the video, discuss how you and your partner met, talk about your pregnancy and share your thoughts and excitement at meeting your baby-to-be. Tell your child how much they mean to you and your hopes and dreams for the future.

If you’re feeling up to it, document each month of your pregnancy and film the video as an ongoing project. It will be a lovely gift for all of you – mom, dad and baby.


Rhonda Mix

Rhonda is mom to a bright and sweet little girl. She enjoys writing for work, writing for fun and reading when time allows. Also passionate about travel, she has a fondness for Taiwan - where she once lived in a previous chapter of her life. She looks forward to all the adventures ahead and exploring new places with two of her biggest loves - her daughter and husband.

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