Chance of Getting Pregnant After a D&C

Your Chances of Getting Pregnant After a D&C

Approximately half of all women who experience a miscarriage before the 13th week of pregnancy will require a procedure known as a D&C. Here’s how it affects your chances of getting pregnant in the future.

Can Adults Use Baby Suncscreen

Can Adults Use Baby Sunscreen?

You just slathered your baby in baby sunscreen and you’re ready for your day out at the beach. Then you realize you forgot to bring your own skin protection. Can you safely use your child’s sunscreen?

How to Clean Your Babys Ears

How to (Safely) Clean Your Baby’s Ears

Just like adults, babies have earwax that protects the ear canal. While some ear wax is harmless, a buildup may cause irritation and interfere with hearing. Here are some of the best ways to safely clean your baby’s ears.

Can I Give My 11-Month-Old Whole Milk

Can I Give My 11-Month-Old Whole Milk?

Making the transition from breast or formula feeding to whole milk is a big step for babies as well as parents. With doctors recommending you wait until 1 year, many parents are asking if 11 month-olds can make the switch.

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