Help Your Kids Identify Flowers With PlantSnap

One of the greatest things that a parent can teach their child is the wonders of the natural world.


If you want to inspire the love of nature in your little one’s hearts then you might want to help your kids identify flowers with the exciting mobile PlantSnap app.

What is PlantSnap?

PlantSnap is a fun mobile app that helps you instantly identify not only flowers, but also trees, shrubs, and plants. It is available for iOS devices. It’s fun for all ages and a great way to share valuable knowledge with your children about the world of plants and fauna.

How to Use PlantSnap

PlantSnap’s ease of use makes it ideal for your children to use without much supervision. As soon as you log into the app there is a great introductory video that teaches you the ins and outs of how to use the app. It is fairly straightforward and easy to utilize.

  • Open the App: You click on the app’s thumbnail on your phone.
  • Take a Picture: When the app opens you snap a photo of the flower, plant, tree, or shrub.
  • Upload the Photo: Click to upload the photo to PlantSnap.
  • Look Over the Findings: PlantSnap will analyze the photo and provide you with the plants that best match your photo. You and your children can look over your photo choices and pick the one that you think looks closest to the plant, flower, shrub, or tree that you want to identify. Click on the photo that bears the closest resemblance.
  • Get the Facts: PlantSnap will provide you with the facts about the plant. You will learn where it grows, whether it’s edible, and other interesting facts.
  • Catalog the Plant: You can catalog the plant into the app and save it for future reference.

Adventures to Enjoy With Your Children Using PlantSnap

With PlantSnap, any outdoor outing becomes an adventure. A simple walk around the neighborhood, a trip to the park, a picnic, hiking, or a camping trip can all take on new meaning as you teach your child about the various fauna using PlantSnap.

PlantSnap is Fun for All Ages

PlantSnap is not just for your kids to learn. You will be amazed how quickly you can also pick up on the various plant names and their distinct facts.

Using PlantSnap Teaches More Than Just Plants

Using PlantSnap with your child teaches more than just the names and facts about plants. Your child will also learn how to take good close up photos that are clear. They also get the hang of using an app, which is beneficial for later phone and tablet knowledge.

PlantSnap Continues to Evolve

PlantSnap is an evolving app. It currently has the capability of identifying 71,000 species of trees and plants around the world. However, the app developers are constantly updating and adding to the system. Their goal is to expand PlantSnap so it can successfully identify all plant life on planet Earth.

If you want to share the beauty of the outdoors with your children then PlantSnap is the app for you. It is exceptionally educational, never dull, easy to use, and kids love it. The app turns the great outdoors into a botany classroom that your children are going to adore.


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