Here’s How Much to Really Spend on Baby Shower

Getting invited to a baby shower is a special time, but how do you know how much to spend? You don’t want to seem stingy but don’t want to go overboard, either.


If the mom-to-be isn’t a best friend or family member, you may want to spend the minimum on a baby shower gift. Problem is – You aren’t sure what the minimum normally is, and you don’t want to come off as cheap.

According to BabyCenter, people spend around $20-$30 for baby showers, and if it’s a close friend or family, they lean towards a $50-$100 gift. It’s also common – if it’s your family – to go in on a large gift with one or more family members.

Ultimately it comes down to what you feel you can afford and what you want to spend. You aren’t accountable for any price. Choose what’s comfortable for you and your bank account. Below are some ideas for baby shower gifts in different price categories to help guide you on various gifts you may want to purchase.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

For friends and non-family members, shower gifts in the $20 to $30 range are great because that gives you enough room to get something special, but without spending too much or appearing to go over the top (we all have those friends).

$20 to $30 Gift Ideas

A Beautiful Keepsake

how much to spend at a baby shower

There’s nothing like a memorable keepsake.

Moms love to hang on to their child’s first footprint and handprint. Unfortunately, some may lose the one from the hospital. This clay handprint and footprint is a great gift as it can be hung up on the wall to avoid ever losing it. Not to mention, who doesn’t want their child’s first handprint up on the wall?

The Ultimate Changing Pad

how much to spend for baby shower gifts

Most moms will have a changing pad but this one is different and just what every mother needs. It’s convenient enough to add some diapers, bibs, small baby toy, a small pack of wipes, and even some Desitin.

There are a few compartments in this changing pad to tuck away everything the mom will need for baby on the go.

Mommy and Me Gift Set

how much to spend on baby gift for shower
Source: Amazon

Not only are you giving a gift for the baby, but mom gets a couple of luxurious lotions out of the set as well. At baby showers, gifts are usually for the baby so that you will stand out with this gift.

Mom will be able to dab some lotion on the baby if needed and she will be able to moisturize her own skin with her personal bottle.

$50 to $100 Gift Ideas

Baby Monitor

baby monitor for shower
Source: Amazon

If there’s one thing that is on every baby registry, it’s usually a baby monitor. This monitor is everything a mom could dream about. Between the two-way talk back feature, infrared night vision, and even temperature monitoring, mom will be able to get the peace of mind she needs when baby gets old enough for his or her own room.

Baby Welcome Kit

welcome baby gift set
Source: Amazon

With this gift stacked high with all kinds of different necessities for baby, mom-to-be will feel excited sifting through the boxes finding all the baby goodies. You can choose blue or pink.

Not only will mom be able to benefit from everything inside the boxes but she will be able to keep the decorative boxes for memory savors or keepsakes.

Two-in-One Activity Walker

activity walker

Before mom-to-be knows it, her baby is going to be all over the place. This 2-in-1 activity walker and walk behind is just what she will need. Usually, a walker is separate from a walk-behind walker, but this one makes it easy to convert as soon as the child is ready.

Gifts to Chip in With Other Family Members

4-in-1 Crib

4 in 1 baby crib
Source: Amazon

A crib is a necessity mom needs, and it’s a common type of gift to go in halves with or split the cost with multiple family members. Opting for a crib that is convertible will save mom money in the long run as she won’t have to purchase a toddler bed.


mamaroo baby gift
Source: Amazon

A MamRoo can be a true blessing for a mom. The MamaRoo is similar to a swing in the sense that it calms the baby, but it takes things a step further. The MamaRoo offers five unique monitions to soothe a baby. It’s Bluetooth enabled so you can play soft, calming music from a phone.

baby carrier gift
Source: Amazon

Because a mom has to find a way to get things done, right? And what better way than to baby wear? This specific baby carrier has six positions, and it’s made to be comfortable for the baby. Choosing a baby carrier with lumbar support is critical, and this brand covers that.


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