Is Baby Shampoo Better for Your Hair?

Do you love the smell of your baby’s shampoo and wish your own shampoo smelled just as heavenly? Have you ever used baby shampoo on yourself, then felt a bit weird for doing so?


Fret not. You’re not the first adult to use baby products, and you won’t be the last. I myself have used several of my daughter’s baby products because of the milder and seemingly less toxic ingredients (and, admittedly, because I liked the smell).

Many adults are becoming more health-conscious and concerned about what is in the food they eat, the toxins floating around in the environment and the potentially harmful chemicals stuffed into a lot of beauty products on the shelves today. People are looking for friendlier alternatives – especially those folks with allergies or skin sensitivities.

Francesca Fusco, MD, an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, recently shared her thoughts about adults using baby products in a article.

“When patients hear I recommend a baby product for sensitive skin, they are a bit pleasantly surprised,” she says.

If doctors give the thumbs up for baby products to people who are sensitive to adult versions of the same item, does that mean that baby shampoo is actually healthier for your hair than standard adult shampoo?

To determine the truth, let’s look at a few facts.

Pros of Using Baby Shampoo

Baby shampoo will probably have less toxicity. A high number of shampoos geared toward adults contain controversial cleaning agents such as sodium lauryl sulfate, which can dry out hair.

Baby shampoo also contains cleaning agents, called amphoteric surfactants, but these are considered to be less harsh than the more traditional sulfates found in many shampoos for grownups.

Baby shampoos also tend to lack synthetic fragrances and colors, which can irritate eyes and skin. Say goodbye to getting soap suds in your eyes and suffering from burning!

Another plus? You can also use some types of baby shampoo to clean the area around your eyes when showering. It turns out it can be good for preventing low level eye infections, as one doctor notes.

“Why would I recommend baby shampoo? The main reason is for blepharitis,” says Dr. Mark German. “There are many small openings into the eyelid around the eyes that can easily become infected by common bacteria that exists elsewhere on your skin. Baby shampoo also helps decrease eye allergy symptoms by removing pollen or other irritants from contact with your eyes.”

Losing your hair? Baby shampoo can help slow down the balding or thinning of hair due to its gentle nature.

And last, but not least, who can forget that scent? Baby shampoo smells fantastic and has a calming aspect to it that brings to mind freshly bathed and diapered babies sleeping on fluffy clouds (and using it may make you feel like one of those relaxed babies yourself).

The Downside of Baby Shampoo

Since baby shampoos are generally so mild, adults who use them may find that they may not get that clean hair feeling they are going for. It has been suggested to lather up a few more times when using baby shampoo in order to achieve optimal results.

It’s important to remember that not all baby shampoos are created equal. One popular brand of baby shampoo has been said to contain questionable ingredients that potentially cause cancer, though the company is now in the process of reinventing its baby products. For a list of the best nontoxic baby shampoos, visit Gimme The Good Stuff.

The Choice is Yours

So at the end of the day, is baby shampoo better than standard shampoo for adult hair?
It ultimately depends on what one’s definition of “better” is. If you are looking for a product that may be soothing and potentially less damaging to your hair, go ahead and baby yourself.

While you’re at it, you just might want to check out these other baby products that have been said to be amazing for adults as well. Just don’t go walking around in Pampers.



Brandon Young

Brandon is an amazing dad to twin toddler daughters and a preschooler son. He enjoys taking his family to new destinations and exploring. When not writing the world’s best parenting articles, he enjoys hiking, cooking, and spending time with his wife and kids.

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