8 Cute Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Ideas for 2-Year-Olds

Minnie Mouse is a very important person in our household, ranking somewhere below mom and dad and right above close relatives (sorry everyone).


Here’s a look at some simple Minnie Mouse birthday party ideas and decor we used for our girls’ second birthday party. Nearly everything we did was DIY, but there are plenty of ready-to-go Minnie Mouse decorations out there, too.

Birthday Cake

When we decided to have a Minnie Mouse-themed birthday for our twin two-year-olds, we wanted to do it in a way that felt unique and took a “less is more” approach. So we didn’t have too many obvious Minnie Mouse decorations, but we added a lot of touches that hinted at our daughters’ favorite Disney character.

Minnie Mouse Birthday cake

The birthday cake topper was made with a classic Disney font and cut out using a Cricut Explore Air 2.

2 year old birthday party minnie mouse
The cake was subtle and the perfect size for our small party, though we also had other desserts. The cake was sprinkled with gold flakes on the bottom so it matched our color scheme of gold, white and red with black accents.

Rice Krispies Treats

Because we knew our cake would be on the small side, we made extra desserts and snacks to go around, including Minnie Mouse rice krispies treats.

Minnie Mouse birthday rice krispy treats

With some paper straws, wrap and paper cut-outs, we made a nice little arrangement that looked as good as it tasted. There were none left over. Boo.

minnie mouse birthday ideas

Minnie Mouse Cookies

Our kids love cookies, and so do we.

minnie mouse birthday cookies
Cookies were a must-have. To make them more kid-friendly and less messy, we had batches of cookies with lighter frosting – think white and red – and saved the black-frosted cookies for the slightly more responsible adults.

Minnie Mouse Cupcakes

We saved the best dessert for last: Minnie Mouse cupcakes made with delicious red frosting, mini oreos for ears and gold cut-outs for Minnie’s bows (here are some more cupcake ideas).

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Ideas for 2-Year-Olds

We added some gold pearl sprinkles to top things off. They were a hit with our girls and our guests.

Minnie Mouse Birthday cupcakes

The Clubhouse Sign

Every party needs a chalkboard sign, and ours was no different. Enjoy.

Minnie Mouse Birthday sign

Birthday Banner

The birthday banner we hung from the ramada went with the rest of our less is more theme, so there’s no overt Minnie Mouse stuff goin’ on, but we did use a Minnie Mouse font to cut out the “Happy Birthday” letters.

Minnie Mouse Birthday banner

The Minnie Mouse Ears

It wouldn’t a Minnie Mouse birthday party without a case of Mickie and Minnie ears, which were then forced upon most guests. Dissenters were asked to leave (after this picture).

minnie mouse ears birthday party

The Outfits

The Cricut had a recurring role in this birthday party. Aside from the cake topper, cut-outs for desserts and the banner, we also used it to make t-shirts for our girls. We found a nice font and added the Minnie graphic at the end to spell out “two.”

Minnie Mouse bday Party outfits

Other Ideas

We also got some Minnie Mouse balloons from Party City, and a few other small tabletop decorations. Overall, we took a different angle on the Minnie Mouse second birthday theme that worked well for our style, but there are plenty of other ideas out there to find a theme and style that works for you.

Here’s a look at some more popular Minnie Mouse birthday ideas:


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