Parenting Answers

Each month, we field a handful of questions and concerns from parents around the country. Here, we’ve compiled some of our most popular questions and answers into one easy-to-scan list.


Health and Wellness


How much Pedialyte should I give my six-month-old?

Pedialyte is one of the best ways to keep your baby hydrated, especially if they’re sick or not feeling well and eating properly. But how much Pedialyte you give your baby depends on a number of factors. Here’s how to figure out the Pedialyte dosage for six-month-olds.

What does miscarriage look like at six weeks?

A miscarriage at six weeks isn’t always what you think it’d feel like, so it’s good to know the signs and symptoms of an early miscarriage. Learn more about miscarriages at six weeks and what to look for if you’re concerned about miscarrying at this stage.

Ectopic Pregnancy vs. Normal Pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg implants in the fallopian tubes instead of the uterus. It’s important to know that this can be considered a medical emergency, and though it’s rare, women still die each year from ectopic pregnancies that aren’t treated effectively. Learn more about ectopic pregnancy vs. normal pregnancy.

Can smoking weed cause a miscarriage?

Now that marijuana is legal in more states, including California, more expecting moms are wondering if it’s safe to smoke weed while they’re pregnant. Learn more about whether or not smoking the devil’s lettuce can cause a miscarriage, and what professionals recommend during this time.

How long does birth control stay in your system?

If you’re transitioning off birth control in order to get pregnant, or simply for health reasons, you may be wondering how long your birth control will stay in your system. Learn more about the timeline here.

How to Clean a Newborn Belly Button After the Stump Falls Off

Congratulations! Your baby’s stump finally fell off. It may seem strange, but cleaning the area can help with the healing process and avoid any problems down the road. Here’s how to clean your newborn’s belly button when the time comes.

Common Amoxicillin Side Effects for Babies

Although amoxicillin is safe for most babies and situations that call for antibiotics, there is a chance of side effects, like with most drugs. Learn what those are, and what options you have if you need to have amoxicillin prescribed to your baby.

How to Get a 1-Year-Old to Sleep in a Crib

Babies often begin their life by sleeping in bassinets or other areas that are close to their parents. But at some point, they’ll begin transitioning to sleeping in a crib. For some one-year-olds sleeping in cribs, that’s easier said than done. Here’s how to make it happen.

What to Eat Before a Glucose Test

Your doctor may recommend you undergo glucose testing while you’re pregnant in order to monitor your body’s ability to process sugars at this time. To get the most accurate reading, you’ll want to know what to eat before a glucose test in order to not skew the results.


Family Life


How to Deal With Step-Children You Don’t Like

It doesn’t sound politically correct, but the truth is that sometimes, you simply won’t like your step-children – and that’s okay. There are options you have and paths you can take to make sure that this doesn’t affect the relationships in your home. Learn what to do when you don’t like your step-kids.

How to Surprise Grandparents With Your Pregnancy

Grandparents are so cute. They love to know when people are pregnant. Make the moment you reveal the good news extra special with these six creative ways of surprising grandparents with pregnancy news.


Parenting Toddlers


Three-Year-Old Sleep Regression

Just when you think all your child’s sleep problems are in the past, here comes the three year sleep regression. Learn what this means, why your child might be experiencing a sleep regression and what to do about it: the three year sleep regression explained.

Kid Gear

Each month, we review some of the most commonly used things you might need for your baby, infant or toddler. While there are plenty of websites that review products like car seats and cribs, we provide more specific, helpful reviews based on your child’s needs, such as their specific age or abilities.

The Best Protein Powder for Expecting Moms

Many pregnant women wonder if there are protein powders on the market safe for those expecting. The good news? There are plenty of options, it’s just a matter of finding one that’s right for you and your routine. Discover the best protein powder for pregnant women.

The Best Toddler Booster Seats for Eating

The transition from high chair to booster seat can be an exciting one, for both parent and toddler. The parents allow their child more freedom, and the toddler has a more flexible, open seating arrangement. Find the best booster seats for toddlers, particularly for eating at the table.

Baby Shower Gifts for Mom – Not Baby

The baby gets all the love when they’re born, so why not treat the expecting mother while she still has the chance to enjoy her own free time? The best baby shower gifts for moms offer convenience, relaxation and support when it matters most.

The Best Sippy Cups to Transition from the Bottle

Making a transition from bottle to sippy cup isn’t rocket science, but it can get stressful. Here are five options for transitioning from bottle to sippy cup in a way that works for you and your child.

How to Clean a WubbaNub

WubbaNubs, for better or worse, are some of the most popular pacifier options on the market. There’s a reason why: kids love them, and they’re pretty damn cute, in our opinion. But they also get dirtier than other pacifiers, so it’s good to know how to properly clean a WubbaNub.

The Best Climbing Toys for One-Year-Olds

By one year, many kids are already in full-on “climb” mode. Here’s a look at some of our favorite toys and equipment to get them climbing like animals, and our top recommended climbing toy for one-year-olds.

The Best Knee and Elbow Pads for Accident-Prone Kids

Look, we all have accidents. Some worse than others. If your kid is accident prone, a good set of knee and elbow pads can go a long way in keeping them safe and having fun while learning all sorts of new skills and sports.

The Best Baby Spoons for Self-Feeding

Self-feeding is one of the best ways for your baby to learn how to become dexterous and able with their hands, and these entry-level baby spoons are some of the best ways to help them nail self-feeding like a champ.