6 Ways to Surprise Grandparents With Your Pregnancy

There’s nothing more exciting than sharing your pregnancy news, especially with the soon-to-be grandparents. Now: what’s the best way to tell them?


With several creative pregnancy announcement ideas, you will find the right announcement for your parents. This is a special time, and you want everyone to treasure this moment.

Here is a compilation of creative ideas. Which will you choose?

1. Surprise Them With a Mug

surprise grandparents
Photo Credit: Etsy @ Peach and Paper

Are the grandparents-to-be coffee lovers? If so, this is the perfect way to reveal your pregnancy. Each time they drink their cup of coffee in the morning, they will be reminded of your little bundle of joy arriving soon.

2. Grandparents Pillow

Photo Credit: MomSaysItsCool

If this is your parent’s first grandchild, this would be an ideal pregnancy reveal. This gift would make a great throw pillow on their couch, so they can be reminded that they will soon be grandparents.

Even after the baby comes, your parents can be reminded of the day you announced your exciting news to them.

3. An Adorable Onesie

Photo Credit: Pinterest @ BabyPrepping

This is the cutest pregnancy reveal for the grandmother-to-be. Most grandmothers have their preference as to what they want their grandchild to call them, and this is a great way to ask and share your news at the same time.

4. Grandparent Starter Kit

Photo Credit: Pinterest

This starter kit is a great idea, especially if your parents live in a different state. You can pack your own starter kit and fill with some cute baby items.

To make it even more exciting, you can add a note on the top that says something such as, “Don’t open until we are on video chat” that way you can see their reaction.

5. Don’t Forget The Great-Grandparents

Photo Credit: Etsy

With all the excitement of sharing your news with the soon-to-be-grandparents, don’t forget about the great-grandparents. They will be excited to hear that they are going to be great-grandparents for the first time.

6. Something to Treasure Forever

Photo Credit: Pinterest @ Rustic Square

Putting together something like this will be a treasured memory forever, for the grandparents. Once the baby comes, they could add a photo on the wall next to this one for an even more special memory. Whether your parents live near you or if you have to mail this out to them, this is a gift they will appreciate.

When to Tell The Grandparents

Now that you have several creative ideas on how to share the news, when do you tell? Some people prefer to wait until after their chances of a miscarriage decrease, while others would rather tell right away, so they have a support system in case something does happen.

Dr. Kaylen Silverberg, a fertility specialist in Texas, says that miscarriages are very common. Around week 7 and seeing a heartbeat on an ultrasound machine drops a miscarriage rate to 10 percent. Once a woman reaches 12 to 20 weeks, the miscarriage rate decreases to 5 percent.

When Will You Share the Good News?

Given the information above, it should be easier to decide when you want to tell. If you’re the type of person who needs support if something were to happen, it may be best to share your news. Whenever you decide to tell, your parents will appreciate your creative thought in revealing your pregnancy.


Heather Burdo

Heather is a freelance writer from New York. She has a passion for health and parenting. Heather has written for the Gluten-Free Living magazine, Mom.me, Project Eve Moms, and others.

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