How to Survive the Last Two Weeks of Pregnancy

You are in the home run of your pregnancy. It is the final trimester and the end is truly in sight but at this point, you are probably wondering how you are going to survive the last two weeks of pregnancy.


The chances are good that you feel uncomfortable and you are probably suffering from a variety of aches and pains but the anticipation is almost overwhelming as you wait for the arrival of your little bundle of joy.

It is Time to Relax in Your Third Trimester

Many people will tell you that you need to be sleeping a lot in your final weeks of pregnancy because you won’t have the chance when your newborn arrives but the people who are offering such advice probably never experienced pregnancy.

During the third trimester of pregnancy you typically feel uncomfortable, have to pee just about every hour, and may even be suffering from relentless heartburn. Sleep is difficult, at best. However, you can relax and let the housework go. Take time for yourself by reading a book or doing something else that you enjoy. There is nothing wrong with pampering yourself a tiny bit.

Let Nesting Take Over During the Final Weeks

Nesting is a phenomenon that occurs to most women during the final weeks of pregnancy. You will feel the uncontrollable desire to clean and organize. Rest assured,  it is perfectly natural.

If you feel the uncontrollable urge to nest then the American Pregnancy Association recommends letting yourself fulfill the urge but avoid climbing ladders or using harmful cleaning chemicals during your cleaning frenzy.

In fact, nesting can actually bring you a bit of relief during the last two weeks of pregnancy by giving you something to take your mind off the impending delivery and your current physical discomforts.

Spend Time With Your Partner Before Your Baby Arrives

Pregnancy is a long and often harrowing journey for you and your partner. During the last few weeks of pregnancy, it often feels like time stands still. You are both probably anxious, scared, and excited.

One of the best ways you can help each other cope is to spend time together. Go out for dinner, catch a movie together, go shopping, or just snuggle on the couch. Soon your lives will change dramatically so you should savor your alone time with each other.

Going for a Walk Might Induce Labor

Yes, you might feel large and awkward but going for a walk can actually help reduce your discomfort. It will get you out into the fresh air and get your blood pumping. Going for a walk can even help induce labor.

Assemble Baby Things

During the third trimester, it is finally time to get your baby’s nursery ready for occupancy. Many parents put off putting together their baby’s things until this milestone. Now you and your partner can occupy your final weeks putting together the crib, changing table, baby toys, and a variety of other things. It’s also a good time to prepare the diaper bag.

Start Cooking and Freezing Meals

After you give birth to your little one you will need a week or two of recovery time so having some meals prepared and frozen is a great way to alleviate any worries about cooking. Also, cooking the last two weeks of your pregnancy is a great way to take your mind off counting the days. You can cook a week or two worth of meals and freeze them for use after delivery.

Create a Pregnancy Scrapbook

Maybe you feel big and awkward so you don’t want to be moving around a lot so the last couple weeks of your pregnancy is a great time to create a pregnancy scrapbook. You can fill it with cards from your baby shower, ultrasound photos, and any other small mementos that you will want to share with your child as he grows up.

Get a Pedicure

Even if you have never had a pedicure before you might want to consider getting one during those final weeks of pregnancy because your tootsies will probably be in stirrups at face level with your physician. Believe it or not, but having cute feet can make you feel better during your entire delivery process.

Sex and the Final Weeks of Pregnancy

Many women have sex throughout the final trimester. You might have to get a little ingenious about figuring out positions but a few pillows and a bit of experimentation to find the perfect style can be a fun adventure for both you and your partner. Also, women have been using sex for centuries as a way to possibly induce labor.

What the Experts Say

“It’s very important to stay physically active during pregnancy. The benefits are endless, and an active pregnant woman is likely to feel much better mentally and physically,” says Melody Bruce, an obstetrician-gynecologist with OB/GYN Health Center Associates in Troy, N.Y. and medical director for Northeast Women’s Health Services.

“This is a time when you need to be sure that you are taking care of yourself and not trying to prove something to yourself or your family,” Dr. Puryear says. “And if you are tired, go to bed. You may not be able to sleep for several hours in a row, but intermittent sleep is better than no sleep.”

“Unless there is vaginal bleeding, premature rupture of membranes, or contractions, intercourse is perfectly safe as long as the pregnant woman feels comfortable, intercourse, and orgasm can actually help the woman prepare for delivery with increasing blood flow to the pelvis and strengthening the uterus to perform contractions. And orgasm has actually been used during labor for pain control,” sexuality counselor and educator Aleece Fosnight states.

During the final trimester of pregnancy, many women experience an emotional upheaval but as the last few weeks of pregnancy wind down they often take on a calm demeanor which is not unusual as the body prepares physically and emotionally for the baby’s impending arrival.

It is an exciting and stressful time but you should relax and rejoice because your 40-week journey is almost at an end and soon you will hold your baby.


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