24 Charming Toddler Girl Playroom Ideas You’ll Love

“It is a happy talent to know how to play,” said Ralph Waldo Emerson. For toddlers, one of the best ways to develop that talent is with a fun, creative space that encourages imaginative thinking and action.

The work of play may seem trivial to adults, but toddlers engage in play to learn about the world, themselves and their fast-growing capabilities.

“As they master their world, play helps children develop new competencies that lead to enhanced confidence and the resiliency they will need to face future challenges,” says the American Academy of Pediatrics. “Undirected play allows children to learn how to work in groups, to share, to negotiate, to resolve conflicts, and to learn self-advocacy skills.”

Today’s playrooms don’t have to be the cliche preschool spaces decked out in primary colors. In fact, some of the most practical and most used playrooms are those that combine function and form in a way that’s comfortable, appealing and unique to your little ones.

Designing a toddler playroom isn’t exactly easy, but having an idea of what you want the room to accomplish can get you on the right path. Online furniture stores offer a wide variety of design options to suit every style. Your plans can focus on your kids’ strengths and interests – flipping through books, drawing, playing with cars on a racetrack – but should also provide room for growth and change over time.

You can find ideas for small spaces, small budgets, or storing the never-ending mass of kids toys your home accumulates. Or, stick to the playroom essentials and keep things simple.

Here’s a look at 24 of our favorite inspirations for toddler girl playrooms, and links to where you can find more about each space.

The Corner Kitchen

hello baby brown corner kitchen
Source: Hello Baby Brown

The kitchen is a staple of many playrooms, and few kitchens look as good as the one set up by Marisa over at Hello Baby Brown. She paired her KidKraft corner kitchen with copper accents and storage, giving the whole space a clean, grown-up-but-fun look.

The Floral Teepee


In the social media age, few playroom pieces capture the spirit of childhood like the teepee. This lace, floral-decorated teepee highlighted by Lauren Conrad shows that there’s no limit to how creative you can get with something so simple. You can also find some of our favorite teepees over at Land of Nod.

Bright and Colorful

steele street studios
Source: Steele Street Studios

Playrooms don’t have to be drab: add some colorful accents, storage and decor to white furniture and walls to create a vibrant contrast. This beautiful space from Steele Street Studios proves that bright colors can be put together in a tasteful, comfortable style that’s perfect for toddlers.


the good stuff guide
Source: The Good Stuff Guide

If your toddler loves the outdoors, bring the park inside with an outdoors-inspired playroom. This room, showcased by The Good Stuff Guide, does a great job of focusing on outdoor colors and natural wood to bring a park vibe into your home. And what kid wouldn’t love a swing in the house?

Bunk-Style Playhouse

natasha smith playroom
Source: Natasha Smith Photography

Photographer Natasha Smith created an adorable room for her son, but this elevated bunk-style playhouse would feel just as at-home in a girl’s playroom. The chairs underneath the house offer comfortable reading spots, and the excellent use of vertical space means there’s plenty of room for activities down below.

Climbing Wall

fun at home with kids playroom
Source: Fun at Home with Kids

Some playrooms are meant to burn calories, and this is one of them. Adding elements like a climbing wall or trapeze can give your toddler something to spend energy on, especially for active children.

Creative Space

pottery barn kids creative space
Source: Pottery Barn Kids

For toddlers who like to draw, read and do crafts, a creative space like this one featured by Pottery Barn Kids can do the trick. With plenty of work space, storage and seating, this playroom encourages creative thinking while still giving kids plenty to do.

Set the Stage

liz carroll interiors
Source: Liz Carroll Interiors

This fun playroom shown by Liz Carroll Interiors transforms an ordinary space into a stage, complete with audience, dressing room and plenty of space to play. It might not be for everyone, but for the toddler who loves to sing, it can be the perfect way to practice their craft.

Modern Indoor Playground


This clean, modern playroom is anchored by fun wooden pieces and soft colors. It’s comfortable, yet offers room to grow into something more grown-up as toddlers age.

Playroom Window Seat

playroom window seat hgtv
Source: HGTV, photo by Catherine Truman

If your playroom has window seating, consider turning it into a reading nook, complete with pillows, animals and the perfect spot to curl up with your toddler’s books of choice. With natural lighting and excellent use of space, it’s the type of playroom element that’s functional and fun.

Blush and Peach Playroom

12th and white blush and peach playroom
Source: 12th and White

Traditional colors like blush, peach and gray can set the stage for a beautiful playroom. This space from 12th and White shows how a “less is more” approach to your color scheme can have a soft, calming effect while still being fun for kids.

Pastel Playroom

project nursery pastels playroom
Source: Project Nursery

Pastels are also a great way to go: this space showcased by Project Nursery shows how a few strong pastel pieces can bring a playroom to life. The rug, walls and furniture allow the pastel colors to really pop and give the room a lively feel.

Woodland Themed

instagram girls playroom toddler
Source: @elinochalva

For woodland inspiration, a quick Pinterest and Etsy search will bring you more ideas than you could ever possibly use. We like the use of wood, dark colors and animals in this woodlands playroom, and the contrast between lighter pieces and darker accents creates a unique contrast.

Modern Farmhouse Playroom

little vintage nest modern farmhouse playroom
Source: Little Vintage Nest

This playroom looks like it’s right out of Joanna Gaines‘ playbook, with clean walls, textured floor and modern farmhouse elements throughout. If this is your style, this sort of playroom is a great way to incorporate your own design into your toddler’s playtime area.

Schoolhouse Style

playroom ideas red heads
Source: Blog Tendencias & Decoración

The old-school classroom look of this playroom brings to mind all sorts of activities, and with storage-style seating you’ll be able to fit just about everything while still keeping the room clean. Chalkboards and cork boards along the walls offer kids the perfect spot to showcase their latest creations.

Colorful Living Space

land of nod comfy living room
Source: Land of Nod

This playroom highlighted by Land of Nod is all about fun vibrancy, and we’d be hard-pressed to find a more colorful arrangement that still looks cohesive. There’s plenty of open space to run around, and the rug anchors everything in a way that makes the room seem playful and put together all at once.

Black and Pink Kitchen


This playroom uses a classic color scheme to bring together a few simple elements: a kitchen, growth chart and a few simple but nice toys. Customizing the kitchen with utensils and decorations turns a plain piece of furniture into something more personal.

The Art Nook

art nook playroom
Source: Project Nursery

If your playroom has a nook, consider adding seating, storage and a blank canvas for your toddler to create her best works of art. This is great for small spaces, or those who have built in closets that aren’t being used.

Black and White

decor pad playroom

Source: DecorPad

If you’d like to stay away from traditional girl toddler room color schemes, consider something neutral like a black and white design. You can add pops of color with toys, storage and furniture, so you’ll still bring life and color into a space that’s meant for imaginative exploration.

Pretty in Pink

mom without labels playroom
Source: Mom Without Labels

On the opposite end of the color spectrum is one heavy on pinks, purples and the like. If you’re all about classic girl styling, having pink storage options, or a pink rug, can add a lot of color without being over the top – just try to combine those elements with something neutral like a white teepee or tent.

Soft Colors

We love the way this playroom combines natural wood and light colors to give the space an airy, outdoors vibe. The dark chair brings excellent contrast, and the wall decor, though large, is thin enough that it doesn’t take away from the overall look of the room.

Comfortable Reading Area


If yours is the type of toddler who loves the library more than the park, having a designated reading area is a great way to round out your playroom. We love the simple layout of this space: the book rack, chair and rug are all that’s needed to bring everything to life.

Playroom Makeover from Decorist


Where most teepees are soft and floral, this one looks straight out of the old west, and the cowhide rug finishes the look while still making the space seem inviting and comfortable. The color scheme is complemented by the light table and colorful prints on the wall.

DIY Art Table

shanty 2 chic table
Source: Shanty 2 Chic

Parents going the DIY route with their playroom can save money with a project like this drawing table from Whitney and Ashley at Shanty 2 Chic. It offers plenty of elbow room, and fun seating that toddlers can use and move without hassle.

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