Valentine’s Day Crafts for your Lovable Toddler

Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. Maybe its the sugary treats or my love of, well, LOVE. When I had my son, I new I would spend the days leading up to Valentine’s Day making special treats and enchanting little crafts with him. Here are our favorite crafts for you and your toddler to celebrate cupid’s holiday.

1. Rocketship to Straight to My Heart

Rocketship Valentines Day Crafts

Photo: Pinterest

My son is obsessed with rockets, space, astronauts, and spaceships. So for me this was an obvious win! With paper, markers, and skin-safe paint (like tempura) this is one of the easiest crafts on our list.

2. Silly Heart Puppet Valentine’s

Silly Heart Puppets Crafts

Photo: Creative Family Fun

You had me at googly eyes. What toddler wouldn’t love this craft? It offers the additional benefit of playtime long after the craft is complete. My son told me they were love monsters and acted out a monster fight days after we made them.

3. Cupid-worthy Headband

Valentines Day Headband Craft for Toddlers

Photo: Events To Celebrate

This is hands down my favorite wearable craft for Valentine’s Day. It’s amazing how far some foam hearts (found at any craft store), poster board, and pipe cleaners can go. Be sure to snap some pictures of your little one wearing the headband as its sure to be insta worthy.

4. Gift-able Love Canvas Print

Love Art Print Toddler Crafts

Photo: Pinterest

This canvas print is the perfect gift for grandparents or friends. Let your toddler’s creative light shine through after your tape the word, Love, or really any other word you choose. Finger pain, splatter paint, or with a brush…there is really no wrong way to do this craft with your toddler.

5. Love Bug Fruit or Jello Cups


Photo: I Heart Naptime

Looking to be a rockstar mom at your toddler’s preschool? This Valentine’s Day treat is sure to impress classmates, teachers, and friends. Let your toddler help you decorate these jello cup bugs by adding the dots, eyes, or feet. Whether sharing with a crowd or enjoying at home, these little guys are sure to get you in the Valentine’s Day spirit.

Whatever crafts you choose to do with your little one, spending quality time together and celebrating love is what the holiday is all about.

Liz Coyle

Liz is a Scottsdale-based writer and mom of two young children and one not so young Boston Terrier. She is a lover of cooking, travel, and any activities she can do with the kids. She loves to share her experiences of being a high-strung, type a mom in an imperfect world.

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